Veronica is an effortless fountain of adaptation; when one method to solve a case fails, she switches to another, without needing much time to transition in-between. She relies on her hunches and instincts to guide her, sometimes with accurate results, and sometimes to her own determent; she tends to believe the worst in people (due to her Enneagram 6 issues). She is open to new experiences and possibilities, and tends to over-think a lot of her more personal moves. Veronica can also be somewhat impulsive, and finds it hard to settle on a single career path. She teems with emotion, but does not share her feelings with others easily. Veronica will sidestep emotional questions, responding with sarcasm or insults, to diffuse the tension and disguise her true feelings. She never told her dad about the rape; she doesn’t talk about it with anyone else, until she’s on her way to solving it, either. She prioritizes her emotions, for good or bad, when making decisions – and sometimes forgets to care about other people’s feelings along the way (such as dropping everything and going to help Logan out of a murder charge, despite Piz’s parents traveling a long distance to meet her). She strongly identifies with a few people, including the abused and under-represented, but isn’t afraid to turn on them when she doesn’t agree with their moral tactics; she is offended when her dad enters into a brief adulterous fling. Friends get favors; everyone else pays for her time. Veronica is motivated to solve cases for financial gain; she has uses and plans for that money. She believes in laying down the law. She uses observable facts, often, to entwine with her witty comebacks, in order to protect herself and generate sarcasm. Veronica tends to act on her feelings. She often bypasses her emotions and lays down “the law” – in this state, she tends to use other people to get what she wants. What happened to Lily? The murder is old news, but Veronica cannot move past it. The subjective perceptions she formed, during those traumatic months of her life, shape all her expectations of her peers, her friends and her parents, moving forward. Each negative experience reinforces her deeply rooted insecurities and perceptions, making her unable to escape them, move forward or deal with her trauma. Her sentimentality tends to manifest less in objects, and more in returning to former relationships (inferior Si).

Enneagram: cp 6w7 sx/so

Veronica is the queen of distrust and mixed messages; she waffles between trusting and distrusting her friends – keeping them at a distance, but also feeling protective over them. She is extroverted and funny, but careful to enter into nothing that makes her feel trapped – she can abandon people, rather than deal with unpleasant aspects of the relationship (simply dumping her boyfriend, to go back to help Logan when he needs her). Under stress, she often chooses to react impulsively and work her way through things, to prove she’s “fine” (moving to unhealthy 3) – she also cares a lot about her image at school and her sudden rejection from among the “cool” kids. Her 7 wing is extroverted, sassy, and likes to turn things into jokes. Veronica hates to be serious and can often be irresponsible and/or self-absorbed, running away from the things that scare her (leaving her future in-laws in the lurch, to rush back home to help Logan).