He is thrill-seeking and opportunistic, accustomed to the life his wealth entails and in making the most of it. Logan is easily bored, and resorts to trouble-making behaviors in school, for his own self-amusement and to create new dynamics within the school yard. He can be rash and impulsive, sometimes resorting to physical violence to express his feelings toward others. He thinks fast on his feet, such as when he informs the public, in the midst of an apologetic interview, that his father intends to donate millions to a good cause, as a way of “showing up” his dad and getting revenge. His instincts are sometimes right, sometimes wrong; he doesn’t rely on them to make his decisions, but does trust his inner perceptions about people, however erroneous they may be. Logan has surprising insights into Veronica and his other friends; these flashes of insights, and ideas about how he wants his future to be, occasionally intrude on his daily activities and inspire him to make changes in his life or warn other people off his friends. However, he also repeatedly underestimates how others are going to react to his behaviors, he is often wrong whenever he leaps to conclusions, and he thinks very little about his future when making decisions — showing his inferior Ni. He is an inferno of intense emotions, much of the time. His intense inner need to be true to himself means defiance against his father, regardless of the physical abuse that entails, because to do otherwise would lose his sense of self. He is angry when the proposed memorial for Lily, his girlfriend, is meant to cast her in a light different than she was; so he includes scenes in the memorial video her parents do not like but that are authentic to who she was and not sugar-coated. His obliviousness to how others may perceive his actions, at times, gets him into trouble (he sets up a fight ring with homeless people, which results in bad press). He acts on his feelings, always. He has a sarcastic remark for every occasion, often based in observable behaviors and facts of life. Logan uses extreme but practical methods to protect his friends (including bringing a gun to a dangerous location, out of a fear for Veronica’s life). As he matures, Logan becomes more responsible and willing to deal with whatever trouble he has caused. He can hold down a job, becomes fiscally minded, and is responsible.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Logan is the king of avoidance tactics. He doesn’t want to deal with his problems, or face the abuse his dad gives him on a regular basis, so he covers up with self-entertaining — he has casual sex, he sets up poker games, he starts fighting rings, he drinks. He is the king of witty comebacks and sarcasm, but also optimistic and cheerful even when he’s insulting Veronica, before he discovers his true feelings about her. Much later, when Logan has nowhere to run or hide, he moves into 1 disintegration and shows disgust with himself, self-hatred, and other forms of recrimination and anger toward his former misbehavior. His 6 wing is counter-phobic; he asserts himself in front of his father, whom he fears, knowing it will earn him a beating, as an act of defiance. He can be aggressive in using tactics to protect himself and others (such as bringing a gun and using it to save / protect Veronica). Logan struggles to trust himself and has more fear than he admits to, often backing down when the 8s in his life (like his dad) dominate him.