Kenna has no problem uprooting from Scotland and moving to France, nor in adjusting to court life. She quickly becomes the king’s new mistress and starts enjoying a lavish lifestyle that includes influencing him in how he styles his rooms. Kenna is a quick thinker, able to spot a situation that can easily turn to her advantage and insinuate herself into the middle of it. She is not afraid to take risks or be the center of attention. She is an assertive girl who often says things merely for shock value. Though interested in becoming Henry’s mistress, she postpones until her future is secure. Kenna thinks ahead enough to anticipate dangers and sidestep them. She points out the likely outcome of their behavior to her friends and wants them to be cautious. But she is more likely to respond emotionally and then be left to mop up the mess (worrying in hindsight that making demands on the King will make him angry at her, or go running back to Bash’s mother). Her emotions dominate her decisions, and are all centered in her strong sense of self. She will compromise on the things she doesn’t care about, but is also accustomed to making demands that she be the only woman in the king’s life. Kenna will on occasion talk about her problems and worries with her friends, but does not ask them for advice. She makes decisions on her own. She does not give in to the king until she desires him. She can be insistent on what she wants, and scheming. Kenna often takes on an authoritative tone and then must atone for it, when the King is displeased. She is rational enough to know the consequences of giving herself too freely (with a ruined reputation, the likelihood of landing a good husband are slim) and holds back until assured of stability in her future. The facts of such a life are obvious to her. She does not let go of her virtue until the king assures her that despite her reputation as his mistress, he can ensure her marriage to a titled man, with plenty of money to go along with it.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/sx

Kenna admits to Bash later in their marriage that she simply wants to have a good time, and that she cannot understand his reluctance to allow it. She is pleasure and fun-seeking, always quick to plan an event or fall into a romantic dalliance. Kenna is, however, aware of the repercussions of her actions and of the power dynamics it involves; she wants to be sure of her position and future prospects before she sleeps with the king. She does not like to face unpleasant things or feel too tied down, but does commit to her marriage for awhile and tries to live up to a higher moral standard (Fi). She is aware of others’ dislike and attempts to win them over, since it’s unpleasant not to be widely loved. Her 8 wing is pleasure-seeking and assertive, even combative in standing up to others and challenging them.