Nostradamus is a forward-thinking man, often lost inside his inner world of visions. The series paints him as a mystic and thus reinforces his Ni as stereotypically supernatural, but it doesn’t discredit the fact that he is forever thinking about the future, and trying to shape the world around him to either avoid or confirm his insights. He is insightful into other people and their motivations and able to anticipate their moves, even without the assistance of his visions. He places great worth on symbols and deeper meaning, and is reluctant to deviate from a single interpretation of the information in front of him. He is distressed to think his vision might be incorrect. Though so invested in his inner world that he dislikes being parted from it, Nostradamus does have sexual appetites and an enjoyment of a lavish lifestyle. He is quick to act in the moment and thinks nothing of packing up in the middle of the night … to leave France for the New World. He can sometimes reveal his intentions too soon, through careless opportunism. He prioritizes the needs of “the realm” above his own desires, on a continual basis; he thinks of himself as a court seer more than a distinct individual. Nostradamus has a warm personality that objects to cruelty and mistreatment, but also believes in moralizing at others when they cross hidden lines. If he is unhappy with a situation, he will often seek to find middle ground or to compromise to a point where everyone gets a little bit of something that they want, but no one is completely in control. He is willing to overlook and forgive many sins, because he can rationalize them away with logic, and deeper understanding of human nature. Nostradamus is curious about why people choose the decisions they do; he presses the “ghost” for answers for her behavior, and tries to get inside her head. He often thinks through something completely before mentioning it, and is not much for tactics or plans; he prefers to maneuver others to accomplish things.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Nostradamus devotes his entire life to service of others, and often is quick to show them kindness, to take them in, to save their life, and to give them chances to choose better behaviors and do the right thing. He tirelessly works on Catherine’s behalf, sacrificing his time, efforts, and mental health to ensure she has the assurances she needs about the future. He can be judgmental and harsh through his 1 wing, disapproving of inappropriate moral behavior and correcting of it, but he also gives others the chance to redeem themselves.