Greer constantly frets about how people will see her, and spends most of the first season placing the needs of her family (they need her to marry well, to secure all their futures) above her heart. She has a warm and winning personality, which extends even to the “whores” when she offers to help them find a better clientele. She is extremely good at knowing how to shift people in the direction she wants them to go, to make them happy and also get what she wants. Though she is careful, for the most part, Greer is not always wise; but her interesting problem-solving skills are worth noting. She refuses to give up, believing that she can find a solution to any issue that arises, and usually, she can. Her practical nature rules her for a time, since she believes in hierarchies and “the way things are done” – as a lady in waiting, she cannot marry beneath her station or entertain the affections of lower ranking men. Greer has a traditional mindset when approaching her marriage (for financial security rather than love) and becomes a Madame because it is a useful solution to her problem, and something she can do immediately that will help her regain her footing. She becomes comfortable in this routine, and chooses not to abandon it later on. She worries about how her actions will be seen at court (Fe), and how others might interpret them, which makes her somewhat cautious at first. She quickly sees how her husband’s funds have been used against them, and what that means in a broader context for their marriage, their security, and their place at court. Greer is unafraid to look to multiple solutions and ideas to solve her problems.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Greer is highly adaptable to any new environment she finds herself in; she is image-conscious and aware of how others will interpret her behaviors. She can become whatever the situation needs, in order to find the right marriage, to ensure her survival, and to make a great deal of money. She is hard-working, and refuses to allow her personal feelings to get in the way of what she intends to do. She fights her attraction for a common servant, knowing it can never lead them into a lasting relationship. All 3s are able to put aside personal feelings to accomplish their goals, and she does this, securing a good marriage and stability for herself, then becoming okay with the idea of peddling flesh in a “better” establishment of higher clientele. Her 2 wing is genuinely warm and helpful; when she accidentally causes a whore to lose her hair, Greer spends all her money purchasing the girl a wig so she can make a living, then gets her a better set of clients.