Claude frames her life in terms of hands-on experiences, mostly of a sexual nature. When her mother attempts to lie about her virginity and marry her off, she laughs and says they both know that is “impossible.” She seduced a priest to bring her home, then turns her attentions on Lord Narcisse, because he will present a temporary diversion and irritate her mother. Claude’s focus on the present means she gives nothing of value back; she simply absorbs exciting experiences, then discards them (and the people she was with) and moves on to the next interesting thing. This is the trait of an ESFP too reliant on her dominant Se, and not enough on her lower functional development. Her total lack of ability to piece together why her mother seems to hate her, or even that Catherine is poisoning her, speaks to an underdeveloped Ni. Instead, she focuses her hatred on Kenna, irrationally displacing her resentment onto an innocent bystander. Though she puts on a tough face, that her mother has never approved of her or shown her compassion is deeply hurtful to Claude. She can’t articulate those feelings, so she acts out through finding ways to punish or humiliate Catherine. She wants love, but does not admit it easily. She is easily hurt, but doesn’t like to show it. As a child, she acted out against the twins by plucking the flowers off their baby gowns, since she resented them taking up so much of her mother’s focus. Claude uses her feminine whiles to accomplish tangible things, such as blackmailing a thief to allow her to come and go as she pleases, or using a priest to transport her back home so she can be with her family. Claude has no problem making deals, laying down ground rules, and ordering people around… and she expects obedience. She can plan, when she sets her mind to it.

Enneagram: 7w8 sx/sp

Claude is all about pleasure-seeking and indulging her desires, from beautiful gowns to attractive male companions. She will argue fiercely for whatever she wants, showing the 7’s tendency to rationalize all their decisions. But she is actually running away from the pain of feeling unwanted and unloved, covering up her insecurities through frivolous encounters, and seeking to fill her life with as many fun hours as possible. Her 8 wing never saw the harm in indulging her various desires and goes after life with a sense of eagerness to experience it all. She can also be cold, condescending, and even cruel, dominating others and taking pleasure in doing it (such as when she happily spreads it around court that her mother is dying of an STD).