Lola is always thinking about other people ahead of herself and her own interests; when she sleeps with Francis while he and Mary are apart, she is consumed with guilt and shame over being discovered, and preoccupied with how it will hurt Mary’s feelings. She wants to avoid being seen at court, and live a separate life, to spare her friend the public humiliation of having Francis’ illegitimate son nearby. Being disinherited for her child by her family hurts her deeply, but also convinces her she needs to forge her own path in life—which she does through asserting her opinions more freely. Lola must be “under the influence” of relaxing drugs to share her views without restraint. She has strong moral opinions, and tells off Francis for having her plant something in Narcisse’s house that could get him killed. She grasps how the world works, and how she ought to behave in it. Lola knows she must marry well. Once she has a child, and goes through the personal experience of losing her money after her first marriage, she understands the need to protect her autonomy and fights for it. She wants a life free of encumbrances, without Francis’ constant supervision and control over her assets. She speculates about Lord Narcisse’s intentions and attempts to outsmart him, but waffles on whether to trust him or Francis when given conflicting information. Lola is not great at thinking rationally beyond her immediate needs, however; she often questions people and their motivations too late, leading her to have a misplaced faith in others’ good intentions.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Lola is cautious and prudent, most inclined to warn her friends against dangerous actions than to take them herself. She has the warmth and trust issues of the 6, in that she sends Narcisse mixed signals – she is both drawn to him sexually and unsure of what she wants, or that she can trust him. Lola on and off trusts and distrusts everyone, from Francis to Catherine to Mary. She is fearful of her future, and wants to avoid unpleasantness. She frets about what revealing her child’s true parentage might mean for her life, she takes her family’s abandonment of her hard, and she seeks ways to keep herself safe—unfortunately, this does not pan out in the end, since she also compromises what she wants to accommodate Mary. She quarrels with others and tests them. It bothers her to be disliked. Her 7 wing does not want to be tied down or trapped living at court as Francis’ “one time” mistress. She wants the freedom to make her own decisions.