Narcisse has a plan for everything and no hesitation in setting it into motion; when confronted with problems, he takes the tactical and most logical approach, guaranteed as a return on his investment—whether that includes trying to strong-arm Francis or blackmail him, or enticing Lola into acting as a spy in his best interest. Narcisse has a frank, straightforward approach and is concerned with productivity, bottom lines, and accomplishing things. On rare occasion he opens up emotionally, but not without great consideration and rumination. Narcisse cares about a few people and things very intensely, and all else do not concern him. Whenever he leads with his heart, he lands in hot water, because his decisions become foolish and short-sighted. He instinctively reads people, sees their potential, sees beyond the façade they put on, and intends to put them to use. Narcisse correctly “guesses” the truth about Francis killing his father, then actively schemes to get him to confess so he can use the evidence against him later, as a source of power and influence. He is forever thinking ahead, both in his affair with Queen Catherine and in his affections for Lola, but primarily he focuses on the larger picture in his business dealings. His reputation at court is notorious as a sexual predator and pleaser of women, and he uses that indiscriminately both for his own enjoyment and to get what he wants; he is comfortable placing himself in physical situations and unafraid to challenge others. Narcisse enjoys his time at war, on the ground, fighting defensively among his men. He is opportunistic, and at times too impulsive in his affairs, which places him in a precarious situation with Catherine.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

Narcisse is calmly, competently in control over whatever room he is in, aware of power dynamics, and eager to challenge Catherine (and others) for dominance over a situation. Given the chance to blackmail Francis into eradicating the “Protestant threat,” Narcisse takes it. He enjoys exerting control over Lola and attempting to bend her to his will, usually through sensual enticements. His 8 recognizes her 6 mistrust and tries to get her out of her comfort zone. He is somewhat pleasure-seeking and lustful, enjoying a reputation as a debaucher at court. His 7 wing is excited by new experiences and pleasures, and avoids the pain of discussing his former losses with his wife.