Catherine is most comfortable and happy when able to organize and control the inner workings of the court. She successfully sets up a network of spies to keep her well-informed about what is happening and to report back to her. A woman of quick, decisive action, Catherine is easily able to take charge in any situation and turn it to her advantage. She thinks fast and responds in the moment. Her decisions are purely tactical in their nature. She is incredibly blunt about her feelings (she admits to Kenna that she’s delighted her husband has mistresses, since it means he doesn’t put her through ordeals in the bedroom) but rarely opens up emotionally on any deep inner level; even when hinting at her gang rape as a young woman, Catherine is outwardly stoic and avoiding of discussing her feelings. She loves her children so deeply that she sacrifices her own welfare to protect them; but she is also very selective in her affections … and not afraid to throw Mary or anyone else to the wolves to save the people she prioritizes more (inferior Fi). She knows “how things are done” and appreciates having them that way; Catherine understands her role as queen and how it must bend and flow with Henry’s, and encourages Mary to do much the same. Her previous experience with rape and her own survival enables her to reassure Mary that she too can overcome it with grace, and emerge stronger for it. Catherine has a strong sense of duty to her family, and is good at attending to every little detail, both in her network of spies and even in arranging the festivities for her impending execution. That Nostradamus has been right in all of his conclusions thus far gives her a strong belief that she can trust his future predictions to be correct. Her uncertainty about the future leads her to go to Nostradamus for his advice; she naively trusts his premonitions and visions. She shows an ability to embrace multiple possibilities as being true and is rarely set upon one course of action; as her environment shifts, so too do her tactics. Being able to see many different potential outcomes enables her to plan for all of them, so that she often comes out on the winning end of things. However, she is not always swift to catch on to the true meaning of a situation, or foresee how she is damaging her own cause.

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sp

Catherine admires strength – she has it, and she doesn’t respect anyone who doesn’t have it. She has her own needs and fulfills them, but also looks down on others who pursue their needs over what is most advantageous. She likes to be in control over other people – she tries to rule her son and her husband with an iron fist, and engages in frequent power struggles with Mary. But, nothing scares or intimidates her. She can be distrustful of others, suspicious of their motives, and withdrawn whenever upset (8 moving to 5), but we see her 2 integration more with her children in occasional moments of tenderness, and especially when she cares for Mary after her assault.