Henry enjoys the luxury the monarchy brings… he loves to host parties, drink fine wine, and bed beautiful women. He soon tires of his mistresses and seeks out new, exciting sexual conquests, often wrecking alliances and endangering the realm in the process. He is quick to leap into action, unafraid of implementing dramatic change in his environment, and often doesn’t think about the long term consequences of fulfilling his immediate needs. Long term planning is not his forte, but Henry does have a specific future in mind, and that includes ruling Scotland through Mary’s marriage to his son. He is rigid and unwavering on this point, fixated on it to such a degree that he is a danger to others. He believes that rules are meant to be broken, and quickly and logically thinks himself out of any sticky situation – sometimes turning to his wife for assistance when he needs an “organizational” force in his life. Henry’s thought process is private, but also aware of the logical inconsistencies of others and willing to point them out. He can be detached, but even then he still craves and demands respect, recognition, and to be liked. He boasts about his sexual conquests in order to look more appealing in the eyes of the court; he dislikes it that Catherine is so “cold and withdrawn,” he complains to his mistress about Kenna’s whininess. Henry can both be amiable and personable, willing to change his mind and bend his ethics, and also cruel and manipulative, able to target people’s feelings in order to wound them where it will hurt most.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

Henry is a bold, confident man, often domineering and overpowering, who has zero doubts about purposefully and intentionally pursuing what he wants—he seduces women for fun and pleasure, and his need for intense sexual experiences gets one of them killed. He becomes more and more hedonistic and pursuing of his lustful proclivities, up until his death. He engages in frequent power struggles with Catherine, and enjoys undermining her, but also recognizes her usefulness in picking up the pieces (her Te comes in handy in “fixing” diplomatic messes). His 7 wing is fun-loving and playful, seductive and charming, not wanting to dwell on his dead daughters or any other unpleasantness. But never doubt, he is the alpha male at court and intends to be seen that way.