Functional Order: Ni-Fe-Ti-Se

Francis has total confidence in his “hunches” and his foresight. He is quick to size up situations and individuals, discern their potential or the likely outcome, and make a firm decision that supports whatever his vision of the future might be, for good or ill (fearing Mary will die on her way to Scotland, he refuses to let her go). Francis faces the future with optimism, confident he can shape it into what he wants it to become. He is reluctant to commit to anything he does not feel are in the long term interests of his country. He enjoys archery, horseback riding, and other athletic sports that test his endurance. Francis insists on being in the thick of things, even if it means riding off to war. In one of his moods, he can be indulgent of his sexual appetites and careless in his behavior. Francis is not above taking enormous risks (gambling an enormous amount, playing another monarch’s bluff, risking Mary’s future in Scotland, etc), and sometimes, he loses as a result. He has a warm perspective, forever framed around his responsibilities as a monarch – though he can be selfish at times, he prioritizes France above all. He is defined by what he is in relation to the object – he is the Dauphin and later, King. The welfare of France is in his hands, and whatever methods he undertakes are for the greater collective good of its people – even if that means abandoning Scotland temporarily to protect French soldiers. Francis is good at placating his father, and is a peacemaker all around – able to find middle ground between his parents’ strong opinions and help them reach a consensus. He often puts aside the desires of his heart for what is best for his country – and even intends to step aside for Bash to take the throne, because it would be better for Mary and potentially, for France. His ability to ask questions of situations helps him gain insight into potential motives and intentions; Francis does not like to take anything at face value, nor is he inclined in diplomatic situations to react emotionally or outwardly. He falls back on his intense, scrutinizing logic and makes decisions he believes are appropriate. He’s able to understand how others’ minds work and to appeal to them on both emotional and logical levels.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sx

Francis is ambitious and hard-working, but also focused on how things appear to others. He is desperate to earn his father’s respect and show his mother he can be a calm, competent ruler. Francis often crosses moral lines Mary disapproves of, to secure his family’s safety or achieve a goal, putting people to death or stretching them on the rack, then dialing back his involvement when it threatens his reputation. He is aware of social dynamics and eager to shape them. His emotions drive him, but he does not often allow them to interfere with tactical decisions. Francis can become apathetic and self-indulgent under stress, showing his line to 9 disintegration. His 2 wing is desperate to earn Mary’s love and approval, to help her in whatever way he can, but he can also be controlling and refuse to relinquish power to others.