Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Major Hewlett admits to Anna he wanted to become an astronomer, but there was “no call for that,” so out of patriotism, he joined up in the army. As such, he has become something of an expert on the stars, their patterns, and still harbors that secret interest, behind the scenes of his trials and tribulations attempting to keep people in line in enemy territory. His repeated interactions with others form certain expectations in his mind about them, but also blinds him to their ultimate goals. He does not like or trust Simcoe, but doesn’t suspect him of poisoning his horse in an attempt to turn Hewlett against the townspeople. He never suspects that Anna is leading him on, romantically, so that she can pass on information to the Rebels. In this way, his inferior Ne hampers him a great deal, although he is a meticulous record-keeper, faithful in the line of duty, and determined to do his job well. He is all about control, organization, and enforcing military law. He believes in having a direct plan of action and thinking about the consequences of his decisions. Each choice he makes has a factual, rational element behind it, which serves his greater purpose in some way (he reasons that if it was hard for the townspeople to dig up the headstones in the cemetery to use them as defense against rebels, it will be just as hard for the rebels to fire upon them). He believes in just but fair punishment under the law, and requires evidence when making decisions. He has a strong inner moral code and refuses to change it to suit anyone else. Hewlett cares deeply about a few people in particular (such as the magistrate, a dear friend) and shows it rather than discusses it. He rarely becomes emotional except under pressure, and even then it is to snap at people to give him time to think. He forms a strong emotional attachment to Anna but is somewhat shy about self-promotion, and has trouble articulating his feelings plainly.

Enneagram: 1w9 sp/so

Hewlett embodies a need for social and moral appropriateness. He’s a stickler for military and social rank who complains of the disorder and anarchy in the Colonies and intends to bring it under his control–through force, if necessary. He can over-reach in his attempt to bring the locals to heel, including insisting upon using their headstones as defense for his men, after the enemy uses them for protection first. He demands total discipline from his men, and punishes them whenever they engage in tavern brawls, behave inappropriately toward women, or refuse to follow an order. Though initially he comes across as hard-nosed, Anna soon finds Hewlett has a strong moral core. He even goes so far as to take the blame for their illegal engagement when she lies and insists he ‘forced her’ into it. His 9 wing is detached, passive, and mild mannered, but can also be naïve. Left to his own devices, he’d rather just chill, work on his astronomer interests, and attend to his beloved horse. Simcoe has to force him several times into taking action.