Despite being a psychopath, Simcoe is incredibly intelligent, quickly able to size up a situation, find its logical loopholes or greater potential, and exploit them for his own advantages. He appraises situations and individuals and acts on his fully rational but not always tactically “wise” impulses (such as killing traitors, when John Andre wanted to “turn” them double agents). His methods are often immoral but logically smart, such as using prisoners to blockade the windows in the church when the rebels threaten to fire upon them. Out of a desire to be seen as intelligent and cunning, Simcoe often makes arrogant mistakes. He takes it as a personal insult that Anna does not respond favorably to his advances, and continues to try and force affection out of her. He often says hurtful things to get a rise out of people, with the aim of manipulating their emotions or shaming them. At times, he is swayed by appeals to his vanity or emotional arguments. He is rash, impulsive, and opportunistic, which works both to his advantage and disadvantage – he kills a spy much too quickly, before they have a chance to turn him to their side, he challenges Abraham to a duel to settle an argument about Anna Strong, he is aggressively confrontational even with superior officers, he pushes his attentions on Anna regardless of their consequences, and is quick to take guns away from people, turn the tables against them, set up traps, and gamble with his life. His insightful ability to read people makes him dangerous; he senses the affair between Abe and Anna before it begins, knows instinctively how to manipulate Major Hewitt into drawing the rebels out of hiding, etc. He confesses that some things he has had a vision for “inside my mind for some time.” His careful poisoning of the major’s horse, leading to him convincing the major that it was an attempt on his own life, with the framing of local known rebel sympathizers, is a master stroke of lower Ni planning… but he also has trouble foreseeing the consequences of his actions.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

Simcoe is a bundle of contradictions, but beneath all his facades, he is ambitious, power-seeking, and desirous of achievement. He often seeks the approval of those above him, and to displace or supplant them; he works quietly behind the scenes to undermine them and advance his own cause. More than that, he is able to easily adapt to situations, and show the traits that others seem to want from him – being strong in a spy camp (to taunt them), being heroic and protective over Anna, when he feels insulted that she would insinuate he might ‘rape her’ (he feels offended by this), and showing an almost supernatural sense of ‘calm’ all the time – he appears ruffled by nothing, he is adaptable, and can find a way to survive; but his 4 wing is also elitist, disinterested in common folk or in their plebeian ways of living, and somewhat melodramatic.