Major Andre is charming and others-focused. He seduces and then uses women as informants and spies, pretending to torture one for information to get one of her lovers to confess his secrets (emotional manipulation). Though he loves Peggy, he stands aside to let her marry someone else, because he’s so focused on his mission and accomplishments, he is out of touch with his own feelings. He apologizes to Abigail after Simcoe murders a man at his table, because he doesn’t want her to think he condones such behavior; he becomes affronted when Mr. Shippen slanders his heritage and family name and walks out, showing he’s sensitive about how others perceive him as a gentleman. He believes in compromise, in using emotion to appeal to others, and in achieving personal glory. His inferior Ti shows in his tragic inability to question his own means and motivations and in his foolish decision to gather intelligence personally, which leads to his capture and hanging. He admires Benjamin Franklin’s ability to invent and create. He has a future planned out for everyone he comes into contact with; he immediately sees their potential and knows how to turn them to his side. He establishes long-term, slow-moving schemes that make him the British “spy master.” Throughout his interactions with Peggy, though his heart gets in the way, he has his eye on Benedict Arnold’s pride. He has an instinctive knack in reading people and their intentions. He also knows how to appeal to them (such as when he snubs Peggy, to get her ire up and draw her interest). Andre prefers to take time and make decisions based on careful introspection rather than impulse—and when he does use Se for reasons other than casual sexual encounters (of which he has many), it gets him into trouble. In the heat of battle, he wants to charge in and take the field despite them being outnumbered. Andre has expensive taste and is drawn to beautiful and rare things, including lovely women. He is not above using sex for his own pleasure and to entice actresses into serving his other needs as well (acting as his agents). His intimate involvement with Peggy shows no regard for the potential consequences of their actions (her reputation, any possible pregnancies, etc). He says he had to learn to see “details” and admire them. Sometimes, he is impulsive, but he’s not good at reacting on his feet or improvising his way out of difficult situations.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sx

Andre is a hard-working, ambitious, and image-centric man, to whom appearances – whether that is a flawless table set with china or a gorgeous woman in his bed – are everything. He becomes easily offended by perceived slights to his intelligence, stature, position, or work ethic, while also working steadily behind the scenes for his cause. He can be arrogant, but also charming – easily able to smooth ruffled feathers and appeal to other people’s egos using his 3ish ability to sense what is needed in the situation and match it with his Fe. His blinds pot is for Peggy – he shows the 3’s level of detachment from his own feelings and inability to understand them, when he allows himself to fall in love with a woman he then intends to send away to seduce another man to their cause. It rips him apart, but he hasn’t the emotional capability to deal with it and only realizes his true feelings too late to do anything about them. His 4 wing his elitist in his tastes and can be a snob in public – he offends people from time to time by simply walking away from trite conversations.