Claudia is a tactile artist to the max, who loves to get her hands involved in her creativity. She is an excellent painter and… her Halloween costumes are to die for. She hand-crafts a costume from The Birds! Always present, always doing something, always handing out sweets, or organizing a group to do free arts and crafts in the woods through collecting all-natural substances and creating free-form art, Claudia keeps herself busy. She is opportunistic and interested in being a babysitter because of the money it can bring her—money for art supplies and quality fashion items. She is sensitive to criticisms of  her art, or to anyone trying to interfere in her Nana’s love for her. Claudia feels angry at and defensive toward her far more logical, detached older sister – she assumes that because she shows no emotions, she has none… and is very unkind to her, in stating “that’s why Nana loves me more.” Claudia does not like things that are unfair to other kids, but her caring for them comes out of a personal place (art is important to her, therefore she will champion the right to have art no matter how poor you are at camp). Claudia ultimately cannot be untrue to herself – given the chance to lie to her parents about acing a quiz and go to the dance, initially she does, but then her Fi conscience wears her down and she confesses the truth right before the dance, which sabotages her from  attending. But she feels good about having been truthful to her parents. Her Te loves to collect a paycheck and problem-solve, can be blunt with other people (she tells Stacy to her face to stop being so bossy), but also struggles to deal with things like algebra quizzes. Though she has a vague vision for her future as an artist, Claudia also doesn’t put much thought into the future. She seems confused when an art critic asks her the deeper meaning of her pieces and to find a way to express something from her soul.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Claudia always looks on the bright side of life. Even her art – all about candy and consumerism – is bright, cheerful, and optimistic. She rushes in to redecorate Mary Anne’s room and bend it to her “artistic vision,” delighted with the chance to overhaul something and make it sparkle. She keeps things light and fun in the group by handing out treats and candy and being funny. She is ambitious and not always practical – she doesn’t like her parents’ insistence that she ace classes she cares nothing about and that are meaningless to her, because she cannot see the value in doing hard things for their own sake. She would rather do something fun that she is good at – art. Stuck in her cabin at camp after being rebellious, Claudia tells her friends to bring her a whole lot more junk food, or she’ll go crazy. Her 6 likes the group dynamic, but also has some insecurity going on. When an art critic tells her to dig deep and find something real, Claudia both has doubts (“does this mean she thinks I shouldn’t pursue art?”) and has to face the unpleasant reality of her grandmother’s time in an American internment camp during WWII before she allows herself to stay with “something sad” and become “meaningful” (her drawing of a girl in a camp).