Dawn often compares her ENFP mother to other “more normal mothers,” implying she knows the difference between what society expects from a mom and her mother’s overall carelessness. Dawn sets out to be the responsible one, to take care of their needs, to unpack the boxes in their home, and to find someplace to “belong.” She is talkative, outgoing, and a social activist, who starts championing the rights of under-privileged kids at camp, who sees her opportunity to speak to them each morning as a way to motivate and inspire them. She believes in her social causes so much, she accidentally sabotages Mary Anne in her efforts to stage a play and then considers the “greater good” more important than her friend’s interests. Dawn wants to “change the world.” She also focuses on deeper truths than her friends do, using large words, talking about psychological impacts, and the reasons behind people’s decisions. The rest of the club groans when dealing with a particular mom and her issues – Dawn hears a fraction of her story, leaps to a conclusion, and sympathizes with her, by seeing the big picture – that she’s a newly single mom trying to raise three kids on her own. She sees the summer camp’s issues as being bigger ones, a weighing of “the haves vs. the have-nots” and wants to do something about it. But she can be in over her head when it comes to improvising in the moment – she often calls on Kristy or her mom when a child disappears or something goes wrong on a job. She does not like to stir up problems with Kristy and so tries to mediate and find useful ways to establish herself as a babysitter and as a friend, including calling upon her when one of the kids disappears. She doesn’t spend much time introspecting or questioning things.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Dawn cannot help helping people, whether they want it or not. She comes into a client’s chaotic house and by the time she gets home, it is spick and span… because Dawn couldn’t help cleaning it up while she was babysitting. Then, she admits, she has created a problem, because “now the client expects it.” She helps the camp counselor and volunteers for an important position, through which she hopes to influence social change through being a troublemaker. When her mother tells off someone on the phone, Dawn reminds her that “I could have done that for myself.” She wants to make Kristy like her, so goes out of her way to be helpful to her in the club, until she feels welcome. Her 1 wing has certain ideas about good behavior and bad, and likes to keep things neat, organized and above all, sees ways to improve life.