Mary Anne volunteers to be the treasurer for the club because she is good with details and has an excellent ability to keep track of things. Though insecure at times, she seems most secure when asked to do or deal with a situation in which she has direct experience – such as babysitting, when she reams a doctor and nurse over the coals for not being considerate of the child they are talking about, or at camp where she takes creative control of a play and attends to every detail. She also finds it hard to move forward in life at times because she has personal, sentimental attachments to things – such as the picture over her bed. Mary Anne does not know why, but it “belongs” there – and she understands, once she finds a photo of her mom taken in front of it. “Maybe I just wasn’t ready to let go of some things,” she admits. She isn’t content with her new room until it has more of the past, and what is familiar and beloved to her (her family) in it. She is a good mediator, able to bring people together and help them understand one another’s feelings. When Kristy is impatient and upset with her mother, Mary Anne reminds her to consider her mother’s feelings – and be happy for her. She becomes frustrated when Stacie neglects her job to chase after a boy and tells her off for it. But Mary Anne spends a lot of time trying to keep her dad happy, which means not always going after what she wants. She would like more grown-up clothes and hair, but doesn’t want to upset him, so keeps her mouth shut for a long time. She feels down when her friends kick her out of the club for venting to her dad about how they treat her (leading to them being grounded and angry at her). She can practically and thoughtfully solve problems that arise. She comes up with creative ideas for her play, but isn’t that adventurous or dreamy most of the time.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Mary Anne is cautious and doesn’t like change, a lot like her dad. She frets almost constantly, as Dawn points out when she becomes obsessed with the noises behind a wall and knowing there’s a secret passage there. She wants to sleep with the light on, in case anything tries to come out and snatch them. Dawn is a more outgoing, live and let live personality, who can’t relate to Mary Anne’s anxieties about everything. She wants to avoid making others angry at her, so she keeps everything as her dad likes it, including her hair, and it takes her a long time to work up the interest or courage to ask if she can change things herself. A bookworm who loves to keep notes, she is withdrawn and somewhat shy. Having a boyfriend causes her to spend more time away from her friends, and she hates not being around them or having their support. Mary Anne doesn’t want to move out of her comfort zone or beyond it, because it makes her anxious and feel unsettled. She finds it hard to stand up for herself, articulate what she wants, and challenge others – but once comfortable with them, she becomes more assertive and self-confident. She gets on Stacie’s case for being irresponsible and neglecting her work to chase after a boy at the beach who “doesn’t even like you,” challenges Kristy in some of their meetings, and recognizes that she needs to suppress some of her fears.