Iracebeth places a great deal of self-worth on whether or not others accept and validate her and what their opinions of her are – she becomes so jealous and humiliated as a young woman when her crown does not fit and people laugh at her, that her head swells to twice its usual size! She can be manipulative, dating Time just to make him give her the Chronosphere, all with the end aim of changing the past in her favor so she does not lose her throne. Iracebeth is up front with all her feelings, including the negative ones – jealous and vindictive toward her sister, punishing toward her subjects (she has a toad who stole her jam beheaded and wants to eat his tadpoles on toast), and manipulative and aggressive toward her lover. She’s so demanding and fussy that all her subjects, in an effort to reach solidarity with her, fake various “large” body parts to gain her approval and acceptance. She focuses a lot of her time and attention on hurts from her past, needling them up to the surface, exposing them, and dwelling in them – and her initial fury was that her father chose Mirana to rule over her, because Iracebeth expected it to go as it usually does – “I am the eldest!” Because the people of Underland laughed at her, she wants to make them suffer forever beneath her reign to punish them. The eldest should rule, by right of birth. That’s how she sees it, and how she intends to do it, whether or not her sister agrees. She imprisons the Hightopps in her ant farm for decades, to punish their son for laughing at her. Iracebeth does not much peer beyond the surface of things; she doesn’t know the truth about Alice, even though she’s right under her nose (or… um… towering over her) until someone else exposes her reasons for being in the castle, then it’s “off with her head!” She never questions herself or her own actions or motives, but instead makes all her decisions based on her emotions (including forgiving her sister).

Enneagram: 4w3 sp/sx

Iracebeth shows the worst of her 4 tendency to dwell constantly in her negative emotions, to over-inflate them so they hurt everyone around her, to refuse to get over any past inferred slights, and to feel unwanted, neglected, persecuted, misunderstood, and abused—even though she is the queen, she is the abuser, and she has sabotaged herself from getting the love and attention she wants by being cruel and selfish. She chases after love only to mistreat him and abuse him so much, he takes a shine to Alice. Iracebeth only grows spiritually when she’s able to accept her sister’s apology and move toward acceptance and a not-need to stay in a state of ruination. She can be exploitative, opportunistic, and haughty.