Functional Order: Fe-Ni-Se-Ti

Mirana is very compassionate toward other people, and thinks her main reason for needing to rule Underland (aside from her father having given it to her, as a more humanitarian individual than her sister) is because they need a good, proper, and considerate monarch. If the people call out to her, she must answer. Though she appears to give Alice free choices, she also can be emotionally manipulative in the sense of having no backup plan and simply expressing her sadness that if Alice will not find her muchness and fight on their behalf, well… that’s the end of it, I suppose. Mirana carries on a pretense of goodness, innocence, and charitableness, while seeking affirmation and a consensus with Alice over her sister’s bulbous head. The instant no one is looking, she drops all pretenses and shows a keener nature. She also makes primarily emotional decisions – though it would be safer for her to kill her sister once she takes the throne, she banishes her instead, leaving her free to wreak more havoc and kill more people. Mirana seems to work her entire life toward obtaining her sister’s forgiveness for a childhood incident in which she lied about eating tarts, thus her sister received the blame. She also felt deep embarrassment at her humiliation in front of the entire court, when her crown would not fit. She has placed all her eggs in one basket on most occasions – Alice, she thinks, will solve everything since that’s the way things are supposed to happen in Underland. She has no other plan to assume the throne, slay the dragon, or obtain her throne, yet has that fixed in her mind as her ultimate desire. Mirana has her own theory about what happened to her sister (“I think something went wrong with her brain”) and seems to be attempting to understand her on a psychological level. Mirana seems to struggle with adapting to things she has not foreseen – she assumes Alice would be smaller, and doesn’t know what to do about the armor, until Alice confesses she had a bit too much “eat me” cake. Mirana also finds it hard to react in her sensory environment – preferring not to go into direct combat herself, falling into traps in her sister’s castle, and almost dying while trying to drag her sister to safety when time crumbles all around them.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Mirana is living a constructed life. She seems to have looked at what her sister is not (compassionate, sweet, moderate, temperate, and good) and has decided to be that, in opposition to her. You see this mask / deception slip when she speaks to Alice about her sister, focusing on her looks and her repulsive bulbous head, and there’s an inference as well that she has a darker side that she keeps hidden. Mirana drops her 9 pretext of loveliness to rush to Bayard’s side and inquire what he knows. As a child, she lied to protect her own reputation and avoid punishment from her mother. Her 2 wing wants to do the right thing, be good, and helps Alice whenever she needs it.