Functional Order: Fi-Ne-Si-Te

Alice chafes against the society that wants her to behave in a certain way, think a certain way, and marry certain people that she adamantly does not like, to such an extent that in the first film she demands to know, “Who is to say what is proper?” When making a decision in which others’ expectations go against her heart, Alice “needs a moment” alone to figure out what to do and what she wants. She is torn between her need to keep her father’s ship (thus her dreams) and also provide for her mother (because to keep the ship loses their house). She becomes offended when others try and impose an identity on her that she does not want, or that does not match who she thinks she is (“I ought to know who I am!!” “I make the path! I decide! I don’t care if it’s not foretold!” “This is my life, I’ll decide what to do with it!”). She has a compassionate side, and befriends the creature that tried to kill her. Her lower Te can be blunt and authoritative. When others ask where she has been for the last half hour, and how she fell into such a state, she simply recites the facts – she went into the garden and fell down a rabbit hole. She thinks Underland is a dream and pinches herself to wake up. After returning from a successful ship voyage, Alice approaches her shareholders and Hamish with “a business proposition.” But she can also be rude to people at times – telling her aunt that her lover is never coming back and to seek medical help for her problems, and telling her mother the last thing she wants to do is “become like you!” She has an unusual imagination from the start, suggesting to Hamish’s mother that she ought to “paint the roses red” if she doesn’t like white. She compares and contemplates codfish and corsets (“To me, a corset is like a codfish”). She quickly understands Time and how it works, and debates with Time, about use of Himself, even outwitting him at one point (“Thank you for your you… Time”). She banters about how much “muchness” she has with Hatter and the others. Alice will at times reverse her thought process mid-conversation, and ponder what it must be like to fly. She thinks of Time as “a thief and a villain,” showing her ability to give him corporeal form in her mind before she even knows he exists. She reaches the reverse conclusion that time is precious rather than a thief, a gift instead of something being taken, showing her intuitive wisdom. She wants to be the first person to trade with China, based on her father’s dream, and carries her sentimentality toward him into everything she does. Alice often thinks sadly of how things used to be (“I used to believe I could do six impossible things before breakfast”). She clings to her father’s pocket watch as a symbol of him, until she decides to give it to Time in gratitude for having known her father at all – a symbolic leaving of her own past to embrace the future.

Enneagram: 4w3 sp/so

Alice places a lot of emphasis on her personal emotional reactions to things, and how they make her feel. She is often easily insulted when others infer they know her better than she knows herself, or that she hasn’t enough “muchness” – these things tend to make her mad and confrontational, as she asserts herself aggressively against others’ expectations. She doesn’t like to think of her dreams as normal, or to conform to society – Alice refuses to wear a corset because it constrains her, she doesn’t care for stocking either, and given the first chance, deliberately dresses in a way that makes her stand out at the ball (in an outfit “good enough for the empress of China”). Alice rejects the others’ perspective of her identity, because it doesn’t match her own – she insists that she isn’t the Alice intended to slay the Jabberwocky, and has to decide to do it on her own terms. She can be lost in her own feelings at times. Her 3 wing, however, is also aware of what others think of her, how she is presenting herself, and has big dreams and goals for the future. Alice intends to make something of herself and works aggressively toward that end, through being a captain, being adventurous, and setting out to save the Hatter.