Functional Order: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

Elizabeth makes her decisions based on the facts of the situation, and on calculating the eventual outcome through a system of risk analysis and expectation. Even though partial to her favorite courtier, Lord Dudley, she sends him to Scotland with a proposal of marriage for her cousin Mary. When her counselors question this action, she tells them if Mary rejects Dudley in favor of the fool Lord Darnley, she wins. If she accepts him, and the line of succession Elizabeth offers her, then she has created an alliance. Either way, Elizabeth comes out the victor. She often judges her cousin based on her emotional decisions – at one point, she remarks that if Mary had as much “head” as she had “heart,” “It would be I facing the executioner.” She rationally and calmly explains her decisions to anyone who asks about them. But Elizabeth also has a fierce temper and overreacts on an emotional level whenever she becomes jealous – she screams and attacks Dudley, throws him out of her room, and can be moody and unpredictable. The Queen of England is always several steps ahead of her cousin – she has a keen insight into her nature after only a few encounters through letters – she knows her to be weak, ineffectual, overly reliant on men, and inclined to follow her heart into the wrong man’s bed, so she uses these things to offer Mary the bait – and Mary takes it. She winds up with a limp duck husband who just wants to rule, and infighting within Scotland. Elizabeth sees her for the threat she poses, as a Catholic with a legitimate claim to the English throne through her Tudor bloodline, and refuses to treat her as anything else. She warns her cousin to take care, then visits her one last time to show her the mistakes she has made. Elizabeth shows only a little Se, in terms of her appreciation for beauty, aesthetics, and power dynamics; she prefers to be rational and calculating rather than impulsive, although Dudley does spend a lot of time in her bedroom “from dusk until dawn.”

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Elizabeth has total confidence in herself and acts with authority – she knows who is powerful and who is not, and how to cripple Mary so that she becomes less of a threat, a tactic that often surprises her advisors. She somewhat enjoys being in control and having power over her subjects, including Lord Dudley, the man she loves. She has a possessive tendency to “own” him without actually wanting to marry him, since that would give him some kind of authority in the relationship. No one rules in her kingdom except her! She is combative and frank with expressing herself, easily pointing out to Mary the things she did wrong and even gloating about her role in providing them to her. Her 7 wing is outgoing, loves to have a good time, and can be avoidant of focusing on her negative feelings. The thought that she has martyred her cousin and now must live with that the rest of her life torments her.