Functional Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Mary makes all her decisions with her emotions, unlike her cousin Elizabeth, who says if Mary had as much logic as she had heart, she could have long ago taken the English throne. She is a warm, considerate, and tolerant woman, eager to embrace others and fall in love, but also prone to deciding things based on her feelings. She tends to express her feelings (“your fall reminded me of my husband’s death”) and then run away, to avoid elaborating on them. A tolerant woman, Mary, at first, attempts to make inroads with her cousin to appease her. She writes friendly letters, she calls upon her support when threatened, and she hopes and expects her cousin to welcome her into England in exile, not lock her up as a threat. When Lord Darnley turns against her, Mary senses her need to win him over to escape with her life, and convinces him that they must escape. Pushed into a hard place, Mary often takes direct, decisive action  – marrying just to thwart her cousin, and at the end of her life, telling Elizabeth she will “forever be haunted by what you must do.” She can be blunt and authoritative under stress. She arrives in Scotland and settles at once into her new life, but also falls into a lot of the traps her cousin sets for her. She falls in love with a man based on his appearances and charm, rather than thinking beyond her feelings (though she does, low Ni-ishly, want to prepare for the future and establish a legacy through their children) — this later turns out to be a mistake, since everything she believed about him turns out to be deceitful. Mary is reactive and opportunistic, chasing after her husbands, finding new protectors, fleeing the castle after a murder, and living fully in the present — in or out of love. Her Ni is both naïve and idealistic, hopeful everything will work out, and sadly ineffectual in sensing the negative intentions and true nature of her husband until it is too late, and he has attempted to seize control over her throne.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

Mary is far too reliant on other people, all the time. She tends to cling to them and merge into them, taking on their attributes in her need to be intimately connected. She also finds it hard to resist others who take a more dominant stance with her, such as Lord Boswell. (They kiss, she rejects it as “bad” and tries to run away; he grabs her arm and pulls her back and… she surrenders utterly to him.) Because of her sexual instinct, she feels a strong need for a man in her life, and when Darnley does not satisfy her, she adopts her secretary as her “special friend” (it isn’t sexual), giving him more power than he ought to have, which leads to his horrific murder in front of her. She can become anxious and distrustful under stress, as she moves into 6 behaviors, but also desperate to reclaim her alliances and protection with Darnley. Mary’s 1 wing soon becomes dissatisfied with his drunken behavior and sexual irresponsibility and starts seeing him in a negative light. She becomes critical of his behaviors and rigid in her rejection of him.