Functional Order: Ti-Ne-Si-Fe

Brand is a professor and leader at NASA who has spent decades trying to solve the equation of gravity… or so everyone thinks. The truth is, long ago, he discovered there was no way to solve it without seeing inside a black hole, meaning there was no hope for humanity. Instead of telling them the truth, he devised a scheme that involves inspiring hope for Plan A within his teammates (humanity survives) rather than the more likely, rational choice of plan B (humanity dies, but their eggs may survive to repopulate another planet). He is caught in an inferior Fe struggle of trying to put the survival of the species ahead of the individual, while logically knowing that their survival is implausible. He has reduced humanity to an equation that needs solved. His specialty is science, engineering, and data equations that involve abstract concepts such as time, vortexes, dimensions, black holes, and what cannot be measured – he’s studying gravity and how to get around it, so he can save them all. His focus is on the big picture – that humanity is going to die alongside the planet, and how do we save something of humanity that can survive elsewhere? It is less about the here and now, then selling people an idealistic hope for the future.

Enneagram: 5w6 so/sp

Brand is something of an eternal “student” of gravity – someone who hides away from the world behind equations, who is distant and emotionally disconnected, and doesn’t allow sentiment to hamper any of his decisions. Once he reaches the end of all possibilities, he simply gives up and continues the farce out of a 5ish awareness that humans, if given no hope, will simply curl up and die – and be useless. But his 6 wing is warm, others-oriented, and motivated to create a nice group dynamic. To recruit others to help solve the equation and instill hope.