Frank is logical to the point of being totally clueless about other people, their emotions, or why they would be crying over certain situations, since he devalues the emotional component in every case he handles. This makes him an unprofessional detective, in the sense that Luella practically has to teach him how to at least fake being sensitive in order to avoid offending their clients. Frank just wants to solve the puzzle, collect the check, and go home. When Sebastian points out that Luella is about to marry a con artist, Frank initially says (basically) “Who cares? She fired us, so we’re done.” But then he turns around and, unable to stand seeing her hurt, does something about it. He often makes offhand logical assessments at crime scenes that offend people, much to her consternation. His interest lies in the what and the who and the how. He must be coerced, coached, or persuaded to deal with people and their feelings in a compassionate manner, since he fails to understand them. Frank is a no-nonsense ex-cop who tends to act, live, and react in the moment, sometimes physically (such as when he intimidates the occasional suspect and/or manhandles them) but more often, through looking at the surface information and drawing a conclusion from it, sometimes in the middle of a funeral. He doesn’t care to attend to details and finds them boring, leaving Sebastian to do all the work of hacking into computers, checking CCTV, and thinking up creative ways to boost the business. Frank notices details in the environment that others miss, and focuses on what they can tell him. He trusts his own insights more than anyone else’s. He has no real interest in brainstorming with Luella and shoots down a lot of her ideas a stupid, before proposing his own — sometimes, he is intuitively on the money and at other times, flat out wrong.

Enneagram: 5w6 sp/so

Frank can be… well, cold. Distant. Unemotional. Uninvolved. Luella often has to remind him to factor in the human element. He lives in a general state of mess, in an office known for having nothing comfortable in it, no decorations of any kind, etc. He is, in a word, cheap. And so miserly about money that Luella or Sebastian happily take checks right out of his hand, lest it disappear into a drawer or a bank account, never to be seen by them again. Frank does not want Luella in the business, but also cannot put her off. He got kicked out of the police force for assuming the rules do not apply to him, and for going his own way and assuming himself the smartest person present. His 6 wing, though, does warm up to people and after a time, sees the benefit in being pleasant and working within a group.