Luella has a very warm and outward-focused personality, and she is quick to reassure and comfort people, unlike her business partner Frank, who walks all over their feelings in ignorance. She is also great at sensing the emotional dynamics between people – guessing who is in an affair, who carries a secret torch for someone, and what their feelings are at any given time. She is straightforward in expressing herself whenever things happen, in laying out how she feels about things, and sees their agency as a “we” business. She can help Frank help people and get paid for it! She sees herself, Frank, and Sebastian as a team. Her inferior Ti likes to solve problems and come up with motivations for crimes, but she doesn’t waste time excessively thinking about her own decisions, motivations, or mistakes. Luella often relates to crime scenes and experiences through referencing something out of her own subjective appearances – she will bring up how she was a hairdresser and learned something about this, so it has some bearing on the case and in how she processes information. She notices a lot of details in the crime scenes that Frank does not, as she pokes around gathering detailed evidence. Then, about halfway through the episode, she will start theorizing, presenting alternative possibilities, and trying to find connections to solve it. She sometimes is very good at this, and can even get there ahead of Frank. But… she can be a little naïve and suspicious. One golden hair on her seat leads her to assume (correctly) that her fiancé is cheating on her; but she had no idea that he was not only a cheat, but a con man!

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sp

Luella loves to help people and insert herself into their lives – like she does with Frank when she sees his struggling agency, pours a lot of money into it to fix it up, then wants to start marketing, making aesthetic changes, and upgrading them overall to a top-dollar agency. She can be eager to get to work on others’ behalf, but also defensive of her reputation. She doesn’t always approve of Frank’s underhanded tactics, but will also participate in them from time to time to solve a case. Given the notion of spending a weekend at a spa, she imagines all the little luxuries she will indulge in that she deserves. Her 3 wing likes to present herself as glamorous and becomes super offended when another PI denigrates her as “just a hairdresser.” Fueled by this, she challenges him to a win or lose contest – the loser has to hand out the winner’s fliers and advertise their agency for 24 hours.