Sebastian is an actor who enjoys the finer things in life – given a chance to impersonate someone or play a role, he throws himself body and soul into it, whether that’s going undercover as a theater junkie, an elite member of the “ruling class,” or a tweed-wearing assistant. He is quite quick to find information simply by searching for it, he’s observant and takes notes of what happens in his environment, and… his guesses are often interesting but incorrect. He evaluates situations based on the environment, then leaps to a conclusion, without much brainstorming in-between – which leads him to uncover one sinister event in a nursing home but misjudge who the murderer is. He is firm in who he is and often not interested in compromising on what he believes. Sebastian is good at noticing other people and their emotional shifts in tone or mood, but also has a tendency to be self-absorbed, and more interested in in some way benefiting himself (with something more interesting to do than changing bed pans — ugh!!). He doesn’t want to fake having a new boyfriend and shakes his head at the landlady when she suggests that the man he has brought home is nice (but not his usual type). Sebastian is very good at finding information, but does not over-think any of it, which leads him to sometimes miss clues. He is quite frank with his opinions (low-key though they are – and usually along the lines of “you haven’t paid me yet”), and interested in good reviews and a paycheck.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

Sebastian is a blend of charm, social ease, and competitiveness. He wants to win the best role, he has the self-confidence to do it, he approaches each situation as if it were a “part” in which he can excel, and he is very image-conscious,  not only about what he eats and wears but also where he works and what his employer looks and acts like. He dresses to the nines, spends all his money on little luxuries, and has a flamboyant attitude of elitism, thanks to his 4 wing. He doesn’t feel like others quite get him, or like he wants to fit in too much, so he wears unusual outfits to stand out (including “going Shakespeare” this week… err, or did he forget to do his laundry?).