Eliza is a warm and caring woman, who will support others in their bid to change the world but seems far more content at home teaching their son skills such as poetry, music, and how to be a good person. Unlike her husband, she understands that he needs nothing more than the life he has, that he should live more in the moment with the rest of them, and that he is needed at home, just as much as on the battlefield. She worries about his safety and sends for him, once she falls pregnant. After his death, she devotes decades of her life to reading his papers, talking to everyone who ever knew him, compiling information about his life, and ensuring his legacy is never forgotten. She implies that she struggles to understand, at times, what he means in his personal papers, and he wrote as if his life depended on it, something that baffles her. She often sings about her feelings, how she relates to Hamilton and their children, her hopes about the future, and easily confides in her sister Angelica. She seeks her support after troubles hit the family, and shuts out Hamilton for awhile after his affair, but the death of their son brings them together and enables her to forgive him. She goes on to advocate for other people and to create the first private orphanage in NYC, where she can spread her love of children to caring for others. She is thoughtful and quiet, often withdrawn and introspective, but usually focused more on other people and how they fit into her life than her own needs alone.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Eliza seeks and chases after love, easily falling in with Hamilton and being wooed by him, then doing everything she can to support, champion, and further his career… while also expecting him to, at times, put aside his pen and stay at home with her and the children. She finds her best self through establishing his legacy and reaching out to children in need – doing something powerful and others-focused with her life. She believes in being moral, principled, and having high standards. She finds it hard to forgive her husband for his mistakes, but eventually does so, out of both an ability to see his brokenness and need (something she feels driven to fill) and her own goodness.