Functional Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Anne has a blunt and straightforward manner about her – she’s not about to put up with any of Gabriel’s flirtatious nonsense, and instead makes him defend himself over a childhood incident. When the men in her church show no interest in risking their lives to go to war, she stands up and rakes them over the coals – calling them cowards for not acting on their convictions (“Just the other night, I listened to you rant about this for two hours… and now you will do nothing?”) She can be a little quarrelsome with her father’s teasing and often aggressive in whatever convictions she feels the deepest—namely, her patriotism. If Anne feels this is important, she believes others should also value it, and act upon their convictions where she cannot. She is a sensible girl who works at home in her father’s store, keeping track of what comes in and out. She tends to relate to people through her own subjective experiences with them – accusing Gabriel of, when they were children, putting ink into her tea and turning her teeth black for a month. Given the chance to return the favor, during their courtship, she does so, much to her own amusement. She does have a zeal for the future, and believes in a change coming, and champions it – pushing the men around her to enlist and serve in whatever capacity they can, while maintaining as much normality as possible (she gets married and has hopes for children, and is willing to wait for Gabriel to return).

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Anne sees how to improve the world, through breaking away from Great Britain and creating an independent country, and advocates for this with all her energy and muster. She calls out men who are willing to rant about unfair taxation without representation in private, but who will not leave the comforts of their homes to make it happen in public. She can be outspoken and critical, but also playful, articulate, and kind. She feels drawn to Gabriel due to their shared strong convictions.