Kelly is capable of making logical decisions and devaluing emotional ones, to keep the people she cares about safe. To protect her son, she faked her own death and left him in his aunt’s care, then has avoided him for years, allowing him to believe her deceased until he starts poking around into her “murder.” She is capable of hacking complex computer systems and erasing her own e-mails minutes after she knows her son has deleted them, to cover her trail. Kelly advocates taking Diana away from Portland and hiding with her, to protect her, despite Adalind’s feelings on the issue, but also feels for her and makes her own low Fe attempt to communicate to Adalind the need to do what is best for the child, even if it hurts herself. She does not “do” feelings and can come across as cold and withdrawn to others, but opens up and acts warmer and more considerate around children. She’s able to accept Nick’s way of life and method of doing his own thing, even if it goes against her more aggressive nature, because it works for him. She does have a plan, but is also adaptable and able to make use of the environment – when something goes wrong with her desire to bring Adalind to Portland, she knocks someone out, steals his car, and delivers mother and child to Nick and Juliette’s house (oops). Though she gives Nick time to speak to Renard and try to make him see reason about Diana, Kelly also warns him that she will “come for Renard” if it takes too long. She bursts into Nick’s house, when they first meet, and beats up a bad guy, trashing his house and then cleaning it up the next morning because she has nothing else to do. Kelly is comfortable living on the run, always on the move, and abandoning set plans if she sees a problem, but she also trusts her insights into people.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Female Grimms are often more aggressive than the male ones, and that is certainly apparent in Kelly’s “kill first, ask questions later” approach to life. She is the personification of a “no-nonsense” Grimm and is good at accomplishing things quickly. She efficiently makes brutal decisions for tactical benefits, including sacrificing raising her son for his own safety. She is an aggressive, tough decision maker. She has no problem taking charge of a situation or keeping other people in line, and sees no reason to put on a pretense of “niceness”; she merely serves up the facts and helps people see their obvious truths. Kelly only lets down her emotional guard around children, because their innocence draws her out. She sometimes runs away from “hard” talks and has a restless nature that does not mind being constantly on the road.