Trubel is a hands-on opportunist, who easily eludes capture as a Grimm and manages to keep herself alive by adapting to the environment. To replace bloodstained clothes, she shoplifts. She snatches up things in her physical environment and bashes bad guys over the head with it, and can out-fight them in hand to hand combat. When Renard is shot, she bolts up the stairs into her room, snatches up a machete, and takes a guy’s head off, before running downstairs and going to find Nick. When she sees a suspect they want to follow and interrogate, she dumps a bunch of change in a coffee cup and pretends to be a panhandler, then attacks the man who tries to take advantage of her. She doesn’t want to get too comfortable in a domestic life, though, and leaves Nick and Juliette to help out where she is “more needed.” She thinks her way through things as she does them, learning as she goes, although she, like Nick, appreciates being able to go to the trailer and learn all she can about different kinds of threats in her world. She is straightforward, and makes purely tactical decisions, without sentiment or allowing emotions to get in the way; at times, she pushes Nick to do the “logical” thing (“You gotta do what you gotta do”) even when it is unpleasant (she doesn’t see a problem with Juliette becoming Adalind and having sex with Nick in a different body, because the end result of him becoming a Grimm is more important than feelings). She especially loves studying Nick’s books, because they contain all kinds of facts-oriented information about supernatural creatures. Trubel is awkward with emotional displays and not always considerate of others’ feelings, although she feels a keen desire to be part of something bigger than herself and contribute to society in some way through being a Grimm. Rather than face the emotional trauma of saying goodbye, she ghosts people.

Enneagram: cp6w7 sp/so

Trubel has learned to be anxious, reactive, defensive, and proactive, because her entire life, people have tried to kill her as a Grimm. As a result, she does not trust Nick or Juliette easily, until they prove themselves to her. For the most part, early on, she tries to avoid trouble, drawing attention to herself, and to avoid getting into fights on the street – she defends herself when she has to, though. Trubel, smartly, often puts up a tough, assertive front with people and then evades them and escapes to safety (knifing their tires and then hiding in a nearby house). Once she is aware of being a Grimm, she becomes more reckless and assertive, putting herself in danger’s path out of a belief that she can handle what life is about to throw at her. She rather likes being part of a family dynamic, but is afraid she might be abandoned and lose it, so leans heavily into her 7 wing to avoid thinking about her losses too much, to cut and run before she becomes too emotionally involved, and to find something new and exciting to pursue.