Wu is an effective “puzzle solver,” able to draw broad connections at crime scenes and often figure out clues that lead to patterns, that bring up solutions, long before the others in the department (discerning that authors are writing under aliases, solving puzzles to reveal a significant date, connecting crime scenes and suggesting the culprit, etc). He frequently makes jokes at crime scenes and has a vivid imagination that, once he finds out about Wesen and Grimms, becomes fascinated with the many different species of creatures, and in finding out more about them. Sometimes, he relates things to his own former experiences (“I have known her a long time…” “When I was a kid, my grandmother told me…”). Wu becomes fascinated with exploring the details of the Wesen world, and spends hours in the trailer going over detailed information about the different varieties of creatures and how Grimms defeated them, but has zero interest in maintaining things “as they are.” He likes to grab the information, use it, and move forward. He also shows a typical “fictional character low Si” interest in old movies. He is quick to come up with rational solutions to their problems – such as suggesting that they might say the man had a bomb strapped to his chest, since it might look better on a police report than the actual truth (which involves a secret “other side” of society that is unexplainable to mere humans). He cracks inappropriate jokes at gruesome crime scenes and then adds, “Too soon?” Undeerstanding things and figuring them out delights him, and he’s quick to reverse his initial assumptions once a light goes on in his head (when he says he doesn’t care about Adalind, since she’s never done anything to him, and Nick retorts that yeah, she did, and that’s why you were eating your carpet – Wu thinks about it, then goes “Oh, okay!” LOL). He has a kind of delight in being included, in the know, and being involved in a “group” of people who are doing good things in the world. Wu isn’t always forthcoming with his opinions, but does have a general desire to keep others safe.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Wu is… hilarious. He has a quip to lighten any occasion, and never lets anything get to him. Even confronted with unpleasant information, such as a crime scene or a revelation about his past which may disturb him, he responds with humor, evasion, and changing the subject. He keeps things light and fun, is not above teasing (and expecting a better reaction from his more serious coworkers), and is quick to move on after trauma… except when he for a time cannot figure out if he is losing his mind or not. He shifts then more into his 6 wing, becomes anxious, paranoid, reactive, and suspicious. But most of the time, he is just fun-loving and cautious.