Hank is a proactive man who chases after what he wants, whether that is a beautiful woman on the street or a criminal fleeing the scene of his crime. He doesn’t mind breaking or bending the rules to save his friends, or sneaking out in the middle of the night to handle a case the old-fashioned way (with his fists). Hank wastes no time in instantly adjusting to his new reality when he learns about the world of the unseen creatures that live among them, and takes an avid interest in learning more about them. He employs opportunism and humor to deal with bad situations, but also tries to think forward about the potential repercussions of certain of their decisions. He asks Nick to consider what might happen as a result of this, and whether he thinks Renard could be involved, and to what extent Adalind is playing them for information. But Hank doesn’t read people well on a surface level — he assumes Adalind is into him and accepts and eats her cookies without hesitation, because he has no reason to suspect she is up to anything sinister. Hank is an industrious and hard-working man, who has had multiple marriages, presumably due to him spending more time at the office than at home and not being great with handling women’s feelings. He is comfortable asking for factual information and reminding Nick to keep a clear head. Once he knows about Nick being a Grimm, he becomes lax about doing things “off the record.” Hank feels concern about leaving Wu in the dark and lying to him about what he has seen – it bothers him to leave Wu thinking he might be “insane.” On occasion, Hank has a strong opinion that he voices, and refuses to back down on, and he has certain loyalties to Nick and his friends. He goes out of his way to ask his friends how they are doing. He also objects to the idea of Grimms massacring innocent people, because he sees that as repugnant. He has a warm and affable personality, but often doesn’t want to talk about thing seriously.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Hank is amiable and good-natured and, much like Nick, willing to let things slide that he really should take a more avid interest in, such as being angry about Adalind putting him into a coma (he never seems overly bothered by this, and has no problem interacting with her later and trusting her again). Hank turns on the charm to win people over, but is content in his role as a cop and doesn’t angle for a more ambitious role in the department. He is fairly non-judgmental and accepting, willing to go along with whatever his friends propose and advocating they all work together rather than fighting against each other. Hank can become aggressive in his desire to protect them, but for the most part does not sweat the details. He becomes somewhat fearful and more cautious under pressure. Whenever they are about to approach a potentially dangerous situation, Hank calls his attention to the problems they might encounter and sometimes asks if they should leave this job to somebody else. While has qualms about violating the rules on occasion, including covering up a murder to save Nick, his loyalty to his friend and partner often wins out.