Monroe tends to leap to immediate judgments based on what seems appropriate and to add on “caveats” to explain himself better, such as when discussing his pack and their behaviors but reminding Nick that he’s a vegetarian and doesn’t do that kind of thing “anymore.” He can quickly get riled up whenever his friends are threatened, and over-obsesses about relationship dynamics. When Monroe invites Nick to dinner and thaws out a couple of vegan steaks, only to find out that Nick has forgotten about it and has a date with Juliette instead, Monroe is upset and annoyed, but also apologetic and then concerned, because Nick does not seem like his usual self. He tends to stereotype and form “group-conclusions” about various animal races, but also is able to get over his anti-grimm bias having known Nick for a short time. His inferior Ti is not always great at thinking his way through bad situations – when Juliette demands he show her his true face, Monroe hems and haws but is willing to do it, until Rosalie points out that it might be better coming from her (because she is less scary-looking). His suggestions (that they drop everything and rush abroad to save Nick, after he’s been zombified and kidnapped) are not always practical. He has an incredible amount of personal knowledge stored in his head, ranging from different remedies and information about the various kinds of Vessen that exist, to subjective impressions that make him value individual things. His grandmother’s clock, his grandfather’s stories, his childhood growing up where he did, the holidays that are meaningful to him (and he always over-decorates with an abundance of Halloween or Christmas-related details). More than that, Monroe is an expert on clocks. He fixes them. He marvels over them. He knows stories about them. He just… digs clocks, man! He uses his Ne mostly to speculate on various outcomes, to propose different reasons for why people may be acting the way they do, and to change his mind on things (he reverses his opinion about Kelly and eventually, Adalind).

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Monroe is a good-natured guy who cannot say no – because of this, he is always helping Nick even when he doesn’t want to or it’s inconvenient – dropping everything to run to his aid, to research in the trailer, to hunt down bad guys. He hates conflict and shies away from Nick’s anger on the few occasions they get upset with each other, but also values things like politeness and kindness. He’s hesitant to show his true face to people in case it upsets them and reassures Juliette instantly that “it’s just me! Monroe!” He chooses to go vegan out of respect for human beings, but also is prone to being influenced by other people into abandoning some of his principles whenever he’s “wolfed-out.” His 8 wing shows up a lot, usually when he sees an injustice, or someone threatens someone he cares about. Seeing kids bullying other kids in his yard at Halloween, Monroe goes out them, asks them to be nice, and demands they give back the candy. After those same kids break his window in retaliation, he shows them his wolf face to scare them. He threatens to tear people limb from limb who attack Rosalie.