Adalind finds it incredibly difficult to move beyond the past; she drudges up ancient history whenever it serves her purpose and uses it as leverage against people (“You slept with my mother!” “Juliette tried to kill me!” “I want my baby!”). Each time she encounters a problem, she goes back to the tried and true magical solutions in her spell book. She is known for a handful of specific tricks that she uses over and over again (which includes seducing anyone else she needs to seduce, to obtain her own security; that is literally the first thing she thinks of, and her solution to every problem). She is so used to relying on her influences as a Hexenbiest that once robbed of those powers, she does everything in her power to get them back, since she cannot imagine living without them. Even though she hates her mother, she has a hard time walking away from her, and she becomes intensely maternal over her children. She has no problem turning on the charm and seducing anyone she needs to, to get whatever it is she wants. She is aware of exactly how to work Renard’s emotions and appeal to him, and whenever she is upset goes straight for the jugular in emotional terms (“You betrayed me… you stole my baby…”). She makes emotional appeals to get sympathy. More importantly, everything she does throughout the first season is to please someone else; her mother tells her to seduce Renard, to stay on his good side, and she does so; she falls in love with him, and goes after the Grimm because he tells her to; when he rejects her, she sets out to get revenge upon him, upon Nick for stealing her powers, and upon Juliette also. Adalind is so intent on sharing her feelings that when they dig up her mother, she has a hilarious monologue catching her up on everything that has happened so far (Si) and venting a little on the side. She often takes shortcuts in her thinking, by going back to former tactics, but is not always rational. Her reasoning can be funny, in an off-color kind of way (having her mom dead isn’t all bad, considering she needs a dead Hexenbiest for her spell). Unfortunately, while Adalind is very creative in coming up with new ways to make Nick’s life hell, she has little ability to see through others’ schemes and manipulations. She blindly believes whatever she wants to believe (she is very mislead about her child), instead of sensing that others are manipulating or using her for a devious purpose. (Renard uses and discards her, then fools her about her child being taken by the Royals; his cousin then manipulates her into going abroad by making her believe he has her child, only to imprison her, etc.)

Enneagram: 6w7 sx/sp

Adalind is fully incapable of being self-reliant. She tends to over-rely on other people for her own protection — she becomes involved with Renard and expects him to rush to her aid (which he often does), but away from him or whenever she bites off more than she can chew, such as when she challenges Juliette without knowing she is also a Hexenbiest, Adalind fights and then runs for her life. She frets constantly about her own safety and that of her child. She complains endlessly about not feeling safe. She wants financial independence, yet cannot fall asleep without Nick being in the room. Everything she does is for her own protection. She frets about bad things happening — from Nick killing her to him getting lost in the dark. Under stress, she becomes arrogant and combative and proactive, moving toward 3. But when she is not a Hexenbiest, Adalind can be warm and sympathetic to get people (such as Nick or Rosalie) to like her.