Functional Order: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

Renard is a detached and logical thinker who understands that getting the Grimm on his side is more beneficial than working against him, once Nick knows the truth about him. He trades the key for information, gaining the Grimm’s trust and therefore his support at handling problems in Portland. Though initially drawn to the idea of protecting his daughter, when confronted with their deaths, Renard betrays Adalind, gives his daughter over to the Royals, then double-crosses them and pretends the Resistance has “stolen” the girl for her own safety – showing his ability to make a decision based on pure tactics and not emotional interference (though he does mourn her loss, become moody, withdrawn and sometimes even emotional as he processes it). Whenever a crisis arrives, Renard steps in front of the cameras to reassure the public of their “every effort” to stabilize the community. He does not often air his feelings, and plays things close to his chest, but doesn’t allow his emotions to cloud his judgment except when it comes to Adalind, who has a certain amount of sexual influence over his decisions. His advice to someone else is they should think before they act. Renard has a long-term goal in place (climbing higher within the ranks of power and establishing himself as a Royal in Portland) but is also watchful of other people and aware of how to use them in his plans. When he has the chance to get the key from the Grimm, Renard chooses to return it, forging an alliance in the meantime, because he foresees that once his brother has it, he (Renard) may no longer be necessary. He is a natural tactician and strategist, able to read other people’s intentions. Renard tends to fixate on particular goals and see them through to completion, even when it means denying himself in the present. Renard indulges in both now and again, but is also an opportunist, able to take a situation as it presents itself and explore the potential in it for action. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty, to subjugate someone, or to rip their head off. Literally.

Enneagram: 3w2 sp/so

Renard is enigmatic to everyone on his team, because they aren’t quite sure what his motivations are or whether they can fully trust him. He pursues power, ambition, and accomplishment – sometimes at the cost of his own emotions, such as when he sacrifices Diana to the Resistance despite feeling a need to protect and love her as her father. He is something of a workaholic and doesn’t share his true intentions easily – his brother has no idea of what his ambitions are toward, he can merge into any group and convince them he is on their side, and he has ruthless dreams of power and dominion when in possession of the coins (he dreams of being worshipped and adored). His 2 wing thinks helping the Grimm will make Nick trust him. He also is prone to giving Adalind whatever she wants, whenever she appeals to him, out of a desire for closeness to her. Any appeal for his assistance, after his coldness of the first half dozen episodes, is met with agreement.