Juliette often asserts herself immediately whenever she has a problem with Nick and has no trouble speaking her own mind. When he proposes and she says no, she tells him the reason is that she feels he is “keeping secrets from her” (implying the high Fe need for total openness, sharing, and a lack of individuality – she wants to see them as a “we” and needs his total trust and confidences to make that happen). Juliette often goes to Rosalee with all her problems, ideas, and thoughts, but also fears rejection from others because of her Hexenbeist nature. When she realizes there is nothing she can do about it, and no way to make it go away, she walks out on her relationship, out of a belief that Nick cannot learn to accept her for who she is. Juliette can sometimes be too aggressive in asserting herself in this manner – she forces Nick to confront the issue head on, then marches right up to him and tries to get him to acknowledge it as a “problem,” before she walks out on his life. Juliette, for awhile, shoves him and everyone else away, after she loses her memory, in an attempt to “understand” what is going on – she becomes introverted, withdrawn, overly critical, analytical, and cold, all the while trying desperately to give Nick a chance to grow in her heart, since she recognizes they had something once, and she is curious to feel it again. She is very level-headed and practical. She diligently studies everything she is interested in, in order to become an expert at it (she is one of the best veterinarians around and now that she knows the truth about Nick, is interested in reading all the Grimoire’s). Juliette enjoys facts gathering and taking in information before reacting to it; even when her friends shifted into their animal forms, Juliette came back with the desire to know more. She is content in her routine and forgetting all her memories of Nick greatly disturbs her, so she goes about researching and reliving all their experiences so that she can remember him. Her own past, subjective experiences color her interaction with other people and do not always give her an accurate picture of what happened. Once she becomes a Hexenbiest, Juliette becomes paralyzed with fear about the unknown consequences and her uncertain future; she becomes irrationally convinced that she will either kill Nick or he will kill her. She has a hard time wrapping her mind around Wesen and thinking outside the box at first, but later is more open to embracing greater possibilities.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Most of what she does is “for other people.” Juliette hates the thought of becoming Adalind in order to turn Nick back into a Grimm, but does it “for” him… and Rosalee and Monroe. She is always looking for ways to grow closer to Nick, through cooking for him, bringing him home dinner, helping him out in the trailer, providing practical advice, and asking him what he needs and trying to fill it. When she feels she can no longer contribute to him, and that he is “withholding” things from her (payback for her investment), she pushes him away and/or self-destructs because she has no sure footing in the relationship. Juliette sometimes shifts into 8 disintegration, whenever she goes ballistic on anyone attempting to hurt her or her loved ones. She can be argumentative, confrontational, and even violent—especially when her Hexenbiest nature starts becoming an 8. In this state, she can be cold, callous, and overbearing. But her 1 wing usually focuses on what the “right” thing to do is, regardless of her feelings, on being hard-working, tolerant, and objecting to inappropriate actions in herself and others.