Lily has a strong physical presence. Forced into prostitution at age fourteen by her father to cover his debts, as an adult whenever a guy gets too “fresh” with her, she smashes a bottle over his head, pours hot coffee on his wandering hands, and gives him a kick beneath the belt or two. She gets it into her head she wants to live in New York, and hops on the next train with her friend Chico. When caught, she seduces the man sent to check the brakes for a free ride. Then seduces seven more men, on her literal ascension up to the penthouse where all the wealth she has “worked so hard for” lies at her fingertips. She loves to be rich and have everything she wants, and can be impulsive and even reckless—not realizing that stringing men along tends to turn them against each other in violent ways. This foresight leads to a murder-suicide that almost makes her a social pariah (but she pulls herself through it and… finds another man). She is smart and knows how to get what she wants; when the new president of the bank figures out that she is trying to con them out of fifteen thousand dollars for her diaries and that her desire to work is insincere, he offers her a job at their foreign branch just to prove she is a social climber. Lily goes to work there to prove him wrong, and eventually hooks him as her next lover. More often, though, she uses her tert Fe to charm, flatter, seduce, and appeal to men by either picking on them (“I thought you would be different, but you are just like all the other men I know…”) or leading them on (“I don’t expect to be a Mrs., and you can divorce me in two weeks, but I just thought I’d mention it”) or downright flattering them by pretending to be more helpless, innocent, and sweet than she actually is (“He followed me in there… he is my boss, I couldn’t say no! Oh, nothing like this has ever happened to me before!”). She is out of touch with her emotions, until almost the very end, when she realizes the value of love over money. Lily can be quite mean at times in how she gets rid of one lover, or trades him up for the next – she doesn’t use her Fe to actually care about anyone other than Chico and herself, and callously discards men, sets their girlfriends up to find her in their arms, or just plain tells them to get out.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

Lily is one tough girl, who don’t take no nonsense from nobody. At first, she assumes all she has to live for in life is fending off unwanted pairs of hands and taking care of herself and her maid, but then a friend urges her to “find her potential,” and use men to get what she wants. And Lily… wants a lot. A penthouse apartment, millions of dollars, riches rather than rags. She has no problem going after it, either, and using her body and her brains to do it. She gets some enjoyment out of making men fall in love with her, and leading them on, without becoming emotionally involved herself… and when things threaten to get tough, her first inclination is to split, and take all her dough with her. She feels she has earned it, and deserves it.