When asked to interview and form a conclusion about Sarah Winchester’s mental state and whether she can or should be allowed to run the family fortune, Dr. Price answers that he can assume nothing and needs to see her in person to assess her mental state and gather factual evidence. He asks her probing questions, and attempts to combat everything from a position of logic – insisting that even fear is “all in the mind” and can be escaped. He believes in nothing unseen that cannot be studied, until he has irrefutable evidence ghosts exist. His focus lies in abstractions – “What controls you, your body or your mind?” “Fear only exists in your mind.” “Do you blame the shadows for the loss of your husband?” He chose psychology and forms intuitive conclusions that he jots down, about people’s mental states, what might be driving their actions, and their coherency of mind. He is curious about the house and what it represents (a possibly disordered psyche), but also falls into low Si reliving of the past, inability to move forward, and falling into temporary distractions (drugs, alcohol, and woman) in an attempt to numb himself to the pain. He prefers not to theorize until he has gathered sufficient evidence to form his conclusions. He can be warm and friendly and reassuring from time to time, reassuring Sarah’s niece that he is only there to help, but mainly his low Fe does not know how to deal with his sense of guilt over his wife’s death.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

For someone who constantly tells people fear is all in the mind, to take control over it, to get back into your body and out of your mind… Dr. Price spends all of his time in his head. He analyzes things, and is not quick to leap to conclusions. He prefers to rationally deconstruct things and test them with logic, refusing to accept them as real. Yet, he seems spooked by the ghosts, tries to re-interpret their presence through a rational lens (“I must be coming off the drugs… yes, that’s it”), and still runs in terror from them. He advocates for leaving the house at once, and getting the boy to safety, in opposition to Sarah’s insistence they remain and contend with the ghost.