Functional Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Though he pretends not to care about being the husband of the emperor’s mistress, Grigor is angry about his wife being constantly in the emperor’s bed, and the callous way his “friend” treats him because of it. Peter makes sexual remarks about his wife in front of him and in front of other people, which Peter finds distasteful. He also cannot comprehend how his wife can care about them both at the same time and spread her love around so indiscriminately. Grigor is eaten up inside by jealousy, hatred, and even contempt—so much so that he tries to poison the emperor. He finds it difficult to hide his true feelings and wishes they could be “alone together,” he and Georgiana… away from court. He can keep up with Peter in terms of “having a good time” and “living it up.” He loves to hunt, ride, shoot, play games, eat food, be around beautiful women, bowl on the lawn, focus on superficial things, and keep his life fully entertaining. But he can also be short-sighted and foolish, unable to understand his wife’s concerns about Peter no longer sleeping with her as much (it means their loss of position at court and falling from royal favor). His most reckless behavior, though, is to dump poison into the king’s soup for sleeping with his wife and worry about misleading other people when they suspect it wasn’t influenza after all. He often acts on his feelings, but does not show any great capacity for logic; when she points out that his actions might endanger him, he panics and tries to shift the blame elsewhere.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/sx

Grigor doesn’t want to share his wife, but … he does it anyway because he feels he has no choice (apathy), and then resents it, because it’s a continual denial of self in favor of what other people want. He fails to push back against her or the emperor in anything but passive-aggressive ways. Grigor numbs himself and his feelings through continual over-indulgences in whatever pleasures life affords, mostly drinking himself into an oblivion and having fun. He shows occasional aggression and callousness, but also a tendency to “merge” with the king and his wife and indulge all their whims. He fully engages himself in sensory distractions to deal with his feelings.