Orlo is an idealist with very specific ideas about the future of Russia and how it should look, which means he has a plan for everything. He is constantly anxious, thwarted, and upset about Catherine’s tendency to “fly by the seat of her pants,” since… they had a plan. You are not supposed to improvise. There is a specific way to get this done! When she first meets him, he is buried up to his nose in books, absorbing ideas and thinking about them. Unlike the rest of the court, he also spends most of his time in the library thinking about philosophy. Marial has a particular contempt for him as someone who lives with their head in the clouds, but… Orlo is also reluctant to “get going.” He has never had a woman. He has never fallen in love. He rarely drinks (and when he does, he gets drunk and tells other people too much). Warm and compassionate, but also inclined to voice many of his thoughts, Orlo cares as much about the surfs as he does the nobles (maybe more so) and wants to create a better Russia for their sake. He tries appeasement before force, and is constantly frustrated by Peter’s tendency to alienate people, ignore his carefully thought out advice, and do whatever the hell he wants, including letting his own archbishop appoint himself head of the Russian church. Orlo can be easily insulted and quick to air his complaints, but also prefers to deeply think about things before he commits to them. His inferior Se is hesitant to engage with the outer world, and does so clumsily at best. With the result that without Catherine, his own “reformation” would never get off the ground.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Orlo is just plain terrified that their coup is going to get found out, that they will all have their heads cut off, and that Peter will use those heads in creative ways once they are… um, dispatched. He flat out refuses to join Catherine’s schemes at the start, and is risk-adverse after that, scared that revealing too much, moving too fast, trusting the wrong people, or being too ambitious in public will wind up in disaster. He avoids life through burying himself in his books, rejecting any potential relationships, and never being “quite ready” to do things outside his comfort zone.