JJ is the ultimate opportunist—sometimes to his own determent and that of his friends. Once having found a gun and stolen it, he takes it to the beach, where he threatens someone with it when they start a fight. After a drug dealer tries to rip them off, he steals and throws away the man’s keys, then drives to his house and steals twenty grand off him, to pay a fine he incurred by first goading Pope into pulling a boat plug out so it would sink (in revenge) then talking the fall for him. When his father thinks about spending the money on property rather than paying off the fine, JJ blows the entire wad on a hot tub and making his backyard “cool” so he can “hang with his buds.” He takes a gold bar stamped with a marijuana emblem, melts it down in a pot in his backyard, and tries to sell it to a pawn broker. He never gives a thought to his future, to how this could backfire on him, or the jail time he might serve for his crimes. If it’s logical to him, he does it – whether or not it is practical, safe, or endears him to other people. JJ points out what they will need at times, and is quick-thinking on his feet in terms of coming up with ways to twist the truth around to protect those he cares about, but spends way more time looping into tert-Fe behaviors. He’s overly needy in terms of wanting his friends’ approval. He earnestly seeks his father’s love and affection. He brags that he can talk anyone into anything, and tells his friends to keep their mouths shut in the pawn shop. JJ can be aggressive in baiting people he does not like and provoking them into arguments. He mercilessly teases Pope for having a crush on Keira.  

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

JJ seeks pleasure, fun, humor, and adventure in order to avoid the painful reality of an abusive home, a father who hits and neglects and doesn’t care about him, and the fact that he may never become anything other than what he is. He uses things, and “getting mine” behaviors to fulfill his need to feel loved, and becomes argumentative and defensive whenever anyone pins him down, tries to chastise him for his reckless behavior, or accuses him of being irresponsible. His 8 wing reaches the boiling point very quickly—he oftentimes lashes out at people, threatens them with guns, and even beats the hell out of his father for “years of taking your crap.” He isn’t afraid of the consequences of his decisions or of other people, which means he often isn’t careful in his interactions. Under pressure, he can become hard on himself – he blames himself for almost getting Pope arrested, and takes the fall for him.