Marie has devoted her life to scientific exploration and theory, and is excited at the thought that her research may expose their understanding of the atom is not what previous scientists thought after all. Logical and pragmatic, she focuses only on what she can see, hear and experience, stating that spiritualism is not scientific, there is no proof of an afterlife, and to believe otherwise is foolish. She innovates in her research theories, discovering new things and winning two Nobel Peace Prizes in two different categories for her work. But her inferior Fe can also be problematic. Whenever anything happens, Marie quickly asserts her own feelings and can be quite dramatic about them. She hates sharing the praise or thinking she might not get credited for her research, and accuses her own husband of “stealing” her ideas. She has no regard for appropriateness in the field, which alienates her from other prominent scientists (as her husband points out, “no one” will give her a laboratory, because she’s arrogant and obnoxious). She has an affair, with no regard for the man’s wife’s feelings, then ignores everything nasty said about her in the press. Marie doesn’t know how to handle her own feelings, or move on from loss and grief, and has an uncontrolled emotional breakdown after losing someone close to her. Her field is science and abstract theories, atoms and radium, the discovery of new substances and the abolishment of old ideas. She and her husband (probably an ENTP) share the same excitement for new concepts, possibilities, and unforeseen uses for their discoveries, but Marie has less of a big picture focus than him, and wishes he would “take our discoveries more seriously.” He embraces how readily the Victorians love their radium and want to put it in everything from perfume to cigarettes, but she wants to study it more and use it for more serious matters. Though stubborn at times, Marie also loops into low Si behaviors – being finicky about her environment, refusing to move back to Poland after her affair becomes public (“my husband is buried here”), and struggling to branch out entirely into new possibilities.

Enneagram: 5w4 sp/so

Marie has… zero people skills. She is so distant, so focused on her work, so deeply invested in her area of expertise, and so avoiding of the outside world, she can come across as socially awkward, blunt, obnoxious, and even callous. She buries herself in her work, but also trusts her own mind far more implicitly than she trusts anyone else’s mind – it’s a tremendous learning experience for her to admit that her husband is a genius and she need not fear or be paranoid about his intention to steal her work and her glory for her discoveries. She manages to remain largely not impacted when society turns against her for her affair, but also deeply craves their affirmation and to be seen as an expert in her field. Her 4 wing can be… melodramatic. She has tantrums and flies off the handle, can become unexpectedly hysterical, refuses to enter hospitals because of a childhood bad memory, and can be something of a snob when it comes to her work and environment.