Kiara is quite good at taking advantage of her environment to get something done, unlike some of her guy friends – when they need a way to tag something so the boys know where to stop and re-adjust to the climb, she just yanks off her shirt, swims down to the marking point, and knots it around the rope. She has been known to drive them out of perilous situations, figure out how to get a boat started, and generally be useful. She’s also proactive in animal rights and other hands-on movements and is curious about and eager to learn how to melt down gold. Kiara doesn’t spend much time thinking about the future, other than in her refusal to date Pope because of the poor dynamic it would cause within their group. She finds him too “stuck” in the present and too comfortable at home; she has things she wants to do and places she wants to see! She has strong moral opinions and has no problem telling people off – though ultimately a kind girl, Kiara doesn’t want Sarah in the group and does not trust her at first, so she refuses to stay around as long as “she is here,” and storms off in a tantrum. She moralizes at JJ for having spent the $20,000 he stole from drug dealers on a hot tub, rather than to pay off his criminal fine or “donate it to a good cause.” Kiara is an instant fix kind of girl; she sees a problem, and takes an instant solution finding process to figure out how to get them out of a mess. She wants proof, evidence, something to show for her time and efforts, and doesn’t go in for John B’s endless imaginative speculations until he has something tangible to show her—a map.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Kiara is the more responsible one among “the boys,” which is probably why they all have a lowkey crush on her. She takes care of them in most situations, whether that includes bringing snacks or bossing them around, since she has an attitude of “knowing” what all of them should be doing with their lives. Once in awhile, she can become manipulative in how she guilt-trips them into doing what she wants; if they won’t, such as when she threatens to storm off if John B doesn’t make Sarah leave, she gets angry that her needs aren’t being met and goes away mad – but always comes back to protect her friends. She has a bad temper whenever she disintegrates into 8. Her 1 wing wants to fix what is wrong with the world in whatever way she can.