Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Pope is a down to earth, practical boy who regards all of John B’s intuitive insights with skepticism – he wants to see something real, some details to deal with and, by the way, he’s the best one out of all of them for remembering those details, for reciting things about the map, for thinking about the compass, and pointing out all the things they will need to acquire in order to bring up the sunken gold. He has set ideas about his future and college and knows how he intends to go about it, but also feels torn between being a dutiful son and having a solid home life, and his apprehensions about making mistakes that could hurt his chances for college. He is a logical list-maker, who points out all the practical things they need to survive, get ahead in their adventure, and make sure they are not caught. He is skeptical of JJ’s schemes and finds them foolish (many of them are). He warns his friends that the police will be on the lookout for them. He is a good student, a responsible son, and … struggles to articulate his feelings unless he is drunk or high. Then he pours out his heart to Kiara, who crushes it. He has loved her in silence for years but never found the courage to speak until now. Pope becomes emotional under stress, and seeks support and encouragement, but doesn’t invite others to share his feelings. He will speculate once in awhile, but prefers the facts.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Pope deals with almost constant anxiety and self-doubt. He worries about being fired, getting into trouble, his dad being disappointed in or punishing him, failing his college entrance exams, and his friends not wanting to stick around him anymore. He is the only one who cautions them about the potential dangers and pitfalls of what they are doing; he does not want them sneaking around dangerous people, stealing from drug dealers, melting down gold and selling it to pawn brokers, or trying to sneak onto a ferry to get to the mainland with an island-wide manhunt happening for one of them. But Pope can also be easily talked into things. He foolishly pulls a plug out of a boat and causes it to sink in revenge for being beat up, at JJ’s instigation, which leads to him being almost arrested and fined. He tends to be, most of the time, cautious, minimalistic in his needs, and emotionally compromised.