Sarah has grown bored with her life and wants some adventure and excitement in it, so she leaps at the chance to become part of John B’s adventure once she gets sucked into his world. She first shows off her tendency to “flirt with danger” when she climbs aboard a capsized boat after a storm to rescue her little sister’s teddy bear, and pretends to get electrocuted by a downed power line trailing across the deck. She quickly falls in with John B, runs away to the mainland with him, decks him out in expensive clothes, and then makes herself useful on the treasure hunt. She doesn’t know what she wants for the future, other than it’s not what her father wants for her. She is a warm and friendly girl, but also sensitive, compassionate, and a little distant. She worries about Kira not wanting to accept her, but also isn’t comfortable breaking up with her boyfriend directly – she just runs off with John B rather than confront the truth that she doesn’t love the guy as much as he loves her. Sarah is willing to be open with her fears and lack of sexual experience, but thwarted by things that seem to be out of her control. When her father locks her in her room, she all but gives up trying to escape (she finds the windows sealed shut, and doesn’t try to break them, figure out what’s wrong with them, or even figure out how to send her friends a message without a phone, showing her limited capacity to problem-solve when she’s out of options).

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

Sarah is bored. She wants adventure, romance, excitement, and is not happy until she gets it, even though she sticks around in her present relationship despite of being tired of it. She is often funny and tries to make others laugh, she can be provocative, and even argumentative, but is ultimately more loyal to the truth (as a Fi) than to upholding a lie that hurts other people. Though she craves adventure, some part of her is “stuck” not taking too many risks – she can spend her father’s credit cards, but almost gets on a plane because he insists on it, and he scares her. Her 6 wing feels torn between duty, loyalty, and doing what she wants. She can be insecure, and admits that she never went “all the way” with her boyfriend out of fear.