Cosette has strong sensory memories of her childhood, which allows her to recognize her previous “foster family” even though everything about them, from the place to the circumstances, have changed. She has a sense of having known Eponine and her sister before she knows who they are and who their father is, and seems concerned around them. She has a sense of practicality but also wonder – often, excitement for the future, while being entirely based in the present. She instantly notices how their clothes are “out of fashion,” and delightedly shops for new garments to fit into Paris society. She notices Marius the first time they meet, and feels happy to repeat their daily walks, play her piano, even stay within the Nunnery until the other girls plant it in her head that she ought to see the outside world. She is oblivious to the evils of the world until Valjean shows her the prison chain gang, then cannot imagine what they had done to earn such a horrific punishment. She has a forceful personality and instant emotional reactions – down to her comment as a child that their landlady is a “nosy old bitch.” Cosette quickly falls in love and expresses herself on emotional terms to Marius; she quickly wins over his grandfather, who adores her in spite of his belief that she has no means and no family to recommend her to Marius. She often confronts Javert, demanding answers from him about his secrets, his past, and what he intends to do, what he is keeping from her. Cosette has theories of her own about his past, and what her own life means; she can at times be a little philosophical.

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sp

Cosette wants more than anything to fall in love, and aggressively pursues her notion of happiness, both through her contentment at first in being the only person in her “papa’s” life, then through her instant attachment to Marius. She falls in love with the idea of being in love, then with Marius upon rapid acquaintance. She seeks to attract him through becoming more fashionable and desirable, and can be at times, haughty and demanding – though overall she is sweet, generous, and kind to Valjean. It troubles her to think of negative things, to see life’s cruelties; she cannot believe they exist, despite having experienced them as a child herself, showing her tendency to believe highly of herself and those she loves. Her 3 wing concerns itself with appearances and is eager to adapt to whatever role others require of her.