Fantine makes all her decisions based on however she feels at the moment and is prone to living off her emotional whims. She has a sweet, kind, and gentle nature that does not open up easily or share her feelings with others, but that can become assertive and accusatory under stress, as she loops into inferior Te bluntness based in her strong sense of judgment (“They told me that you were good and kind… but you are neither good or kind!”). She meets a man, falls in love, and swallows his lies, bears his child, then sells her hair, her teeth, and her body, then attacks a man who abuses her in the street—out of a sense of moral indignation and defense of her own true self. She acts purely in the moment and does not often stop to think about what she is doing – as the man who helps her write letters says, “You went about it the wrong way around.” Fantine leaves her daughter with strangers because she sees an opportunity, never pausing to consider whether they will treat Cosette well or not. She never imagines they are cheating and lying to her, either. She does not see the warning signs of her lover being a “summer lover,” inclined to abandon her once he has ruined her. Walking up the street in need of money, she sees a chance to sell her hair and teeth and does it, then only thinks about the consequences (as a prostitute, she’s worth more if she’s pretty) later. She physically assaults the man who was teasing, abusing and putting snow down the front of her dress.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Gentle, innocent and romantic-minded, Fantine never thinks ill of anyone – to her own determent. She trusts all the wrong people, out of an expected sense of their “goodness” – and winds up paying for it, from her lover (who callously uses and then discards her, penniless and with a child), to the people she leaves her daughter with (who rob her blind for years, while making her daughter work as a servant), and even to her wrongful accusation of Valjean as a cruel man (he isn’t, just distracted). She tends to merge and flow into people, to give up somewhat easily, but also assert herself angrily with her 1 wing, which focuses on the moral rightness or wrongness of her own and other people’s actions.