Gretel has more of a humanitarian bent than her brother; as he says, she wants “evidence” before they burn somebody as a witch. She seeks to level the playing field and be fair to the innocent. It angers and saddens her to see children taken away into the night, so she devotes her entire life to rescuing them, defeating various kinds of evil, and she does it for reasons more than the money. A low Ti sense of “what happened to our parents?” drives her. She doesn’t understand where they went, or how they became orphans, or why their dad left them in the woods that night. Gretel is likable and easily makes friends. She’s open to talking to people about their work and enjoys being liked, but also forms instant judgments about the people in the town – and her instincts are correct, the local sheriff is a scumbag. Once Edward saves her, she rushes off to make sure he’s all right after he fell off the cliff, leaving her brother to finish off the Grand Witch alone (an emotional choice). She is more sentimental than her brother, often referencing the past, their childhood, and whether they have seen anything like what they are dealing with before – she uses her vast experience as a benchmark against which to measure things. Gretel is also more detailed, and able to start seeing the bigger picture through the evidence they have gathered. She takes the maps, the missing children, etc., and realizes it’s a monthly calendar and that they need one more child to complete the blood moon ritual. Gretel tends to rely on her brother a great deal; while she can hold her own, she is not very good at improvising in the environment and leaves most of that to him, while she sets traps and uses her usual technique. Her Ne senses a pattern behind their parents’ departure and the inability of witches to use curses against them, and unlike Hansel, she wonders and thinks about it.

Enneagram: cp 6w7 so/sp

Gretel puts on a tough act and comes across as an 8 whenever she sees ‘tough guys’ around and/or senses a threat, but in actuality, she’s an emotional girl who will let down her defenses and let people into her heart – or trolls, in that case. She easily finds and befriends Edward after he saves her from being assaulted, though she’s scared of him at first. Then, she sees him as a potential ally and protector, a role her brother has also fallen into. Gretel is anxious without Hansel around. She is somewhat distant and suspicious of the boy in town at first, but then warms up to him. She can be funny and throw in caustic remarks to lighten the mood. She also trusts herself and her own thinking, can be somewhat withdrawn, and doesn’t like to get emotionally involved – but unlike Hansel, wants to talk about the “deep” things, the things he doesn’t want to deal with.