Hansel is more detached and businesslike than his sister; he says that she likes ‘evidence’ before she burns people, and he would probably have let the townspeople kill the redhead. Hansel also lives by a system of understanding – you look for the ‘signs’ of witchcraft in a woman, if they are not there (a rot in her teeth, in her eyes, the smell of death, a change in her appearance) then she is not a witch. So when he meets a white witch and learns that such things exist, it’s hard for him to wrap his head around it, because it doesn’t “fit” what he believes. He has to rethink his entire approach, accept that his sister might be a white witch, and learn to see things another way – but because he’s a healthy ISTP, he can do this, adapt to the new information, and move onward. When a witch tries to appeal to his sympathy after trying to kill his sister by changing her appearance and crying, he tells her “nice try” and cuts off her head. His low Fe doesn’t do feelings, doesn’t want to talk about the loss of their parents, doesn’t know how to comfort his sister beyond hugs, and has a sort of general desire to contribute to society through saving them from witches… for a price. He doesn’t know how to flirt, since his jokes intended to make him sexy fall flat because they’re often ill-timed or non-appealing to women. He’s great at improvising in a fight and using his body; Hansel will run after witches, lasso them, knock them off their broom, blast his way through trees, snatch up rocks and lob them, do anything to win, even if the witch gets away on her broom. He’ll grab the bristles and go for a ride, heedless of the danger. He lives very much in the moment, and doesn’t want to think about the past – whenever his sister tries to bring up what happened in the woods, or with their parents disappearing, he changes the subject. Hansel knows he ought to go back to town and find his sister, but takes a few minutes to swim naked with a beautiful woman in a “healing stream.” Hansel is mostly focused on what’s in front of him, but also says a few times that he “feels” something is wrong, or “knows” that something more is going on than his apparent – suggestions of his tert-Ni trying to inform the situation. He seems to figure out things quickly, out of the blue, whenever it does kick in.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/sx

Hansel is funny, playful, and looking for a good time. He often cracks jokes and makes light of the situation, even if it is serious. But the truth is, he’s running away from the unhappiness of his past. He doesn’t want to talk about or deal with what happened to them as kids, to think about what befell their parents, or the reasons why they were abandoned and left to fend for themselves in the woods. Those are not fun topics, and he avoids those dark conversations, even when his sister needs to talk about it. More often, he uses his 8 wing to assert his power and develop a tough exterior. He’s used to looking after and protecting his sister, and only feels guilt when he wasn’t there to prevent her from being beaten up. Given the chance to sleep with a lovely woman, he takes it. He isn’t as warm or approachable as Gretel, and tends to dismiss people he doesn’t want to talk to.