Functional Order: Fe-Ni-Se-Ti

Coraline makes all her decisions based on her strong emotions and connections to other people; her primary goal is to emotionally manipulate and control Mick. She sets up an elaborate scheme to test and torment him, enjoying playing off his angst as he tries to determine if she is his ex-wife or not. She tries to establish a “family” at the beginning of their relationship, in a desperate attempt to keep their marriage together after she turns him into a vampire. She figures out what he wants (the Cure) and baits him with it, stringing him along for her own amusement. When she needs someone to manufacture more of the Cure, she turns to someone else to figure out the formula. Coraline never questions her own motives, nor analyzes her relationship with Mick or what “use” it is to her; she refuses to let him go, because her emotions override her detachment (Fe-dom). She is a visionary, sometimes with unrealistic ideas about the future, but she still tries to force others to hold to them. Coraline sets up, decades in advance, her own secret identity, establishes credentials and a history, all to mess with Mick – in her long term and somewhat naively idealistic idea of winning him back. Her insights into his relationship with Beth are cutting – and very true; she can see his motives, his feelings, and Beth’s feelings in return. She is opportunistic and a risk taker, when she wants to be. Coraline channels most of her creative sensory impulses into being seductive, alluring, and sexual – she enjoyed pitting men against one another as a young vampire. She takes an enormous risk in stealing the Cure from her brother, hoping she can outsmart and outrun him. Coraline engages physically in mortal combat when necessary, but prefers not to; she enjoys the “sensation” of being human… for a short time.

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/so

Coraline is in a desperate search for love, and becomes jealous and possessive if Mick does not give it to her; she seduces and leads him on as a human, then turns him into a vampire, then plays mind games with him to get him back. She tries to give him whatever she thinks will make him happy and stay with her – kidnapping Beth as a child, in order to have a “family.” As a sexual subtype, she focuses her attention mainly on Mick, playing both the needy wife reliant on his protection and good nature, and a strong woman by her own rights. She disintegrates into 8 aggression and violence under stress, lashing out at Beth and others when her usual 2 methods (appealing to others, seducing them) fails. Her 3 wing makes her dramatic and gregarious, competitive and assertive.